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Brisbane,Aussie 23/8/2010

I just realise I haven't done blogging about my Aussie trip. Its been past 6months. DAMN imma old-lady. I got totally forgotten about it. Anyway I plan to blog about it because it will be such a waste if I don't blog about it.

Awwww I'm starting to miss Aussie now ~

On the first day at Goldcoast , 23August2010. We went to Brisbane. Brisbane is the third most popular city in Goldcoast. We went for a 1 day curise trip to Lone Pine Koala Santury. Its rated TOP10 Zoos in the world. Lone pine koala sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia is the world first and largest koala sanctuary, with over 130 koalas. You can cuddle a koala anytime , handfeed kangaroos and encounter a large variety of Aussie wildlife, all in beautiful natural settings. U can even meet their platypus too. Its only 50minutes from Goldcoast to Brisbane.

our cruise for a 1 day city tour and also to Lone Pine.
The city
Amazing chilling weather to walk around and explore all the animal kinds
You can even catch a sheep show there. Watching how those sheep dogs do their work. They are really way too SMART !
Spotted this baby kangaroo ! So cute!!!
Im 6472km away from home , from the well know SUPER HOT weather country.
Malaysia ! ! !

Movie World , Goldcoast.

Right now , I'm gonna blog about MOVIE WORLD ! ! !
We went to Movie World on our 2nd day in Gold Coast that is 24August2010. Took bus from the hotel and all the way to the doorstep of Movie World. The journey took about 30 minutes from Caville Avenue.

Warner Bros. Movie World (more commonly referred to as Movie World) is a popular movie theme park in Gold Coast Australia. The park contains various movie-themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. Warner Bros. Movie World is a whole world of entertainment. From heart-thumping thrill rides like Lethal Weapon to the colourful but gentle rides in LOONEY TUNES Village to the fun filled shows...Warner Bros. Movie World has something for everyone.

Throughout the day, you'll have the opportunity to meet and have your photo taken with our resident Hollywood superheroes and superstars including Marilyn, and the entire LOONEY TUNES gang!
BATWING Space shot, the latest in cutting edge, adrenaline pumping thrill rides is now open and complements the fantastic array of extreme rides now on offer at the Gold Coast's favourite theme park. The awesome new BATWING Space shot is a rapid 4.5G vertical launch up a 60 meter tower, followed by a drop into a breathtaking negative descent - beyond free fall!
SUPERMAN Escape is an unprecedented roller coaster ride experience which travels 0 - 100 kilometres in just 2 seconds! That's not fast that's SUPERMAN fast! With 760 metres of vertical climbs, weightless drops, head spinning twists and giant G-force turns, SUPERMAN Escape completely redefines the coaster experience. The exciting pre-show adventure is an attraction in itself, themed around the popular DC Super Hero. Guests commence their adventure in a METROPOLIS subway loading dock. As they travel through the subway, a terrifying earthquake takes hold and threatens their safe passage.

Unexpected fun! I toughed the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster would be just child-play, but I was wrong! It was a full-fledged indoor roller coaster that was much fun!!!!The world's bravest Great Dane has arrived at Warner Bros. Movie World with the launch of the scariest, spookiest spine-tingling roller coaster ever created! Prepare for the supernatural as you enter the creepy dimly lit courtyard and move into the heart of Spooky Castle but watch out for ghouls, gargoyles and the odd talking suit of armour!

Kids of all ages will love the fun and fantasy of the NEW Kids' WB! Fun Zone - a magical cartoon world especially for the young and the young at heart. Home to all your favourite LOONEY TUNES characters including BUGS BUNNY , DAFFY DUCK , TWEETY (my FAV) , SYLVESTER , PORKY PIG & much more.
Imma big kid there , I enjoy every section even the kid section. Got myself a face painting and my choice was Hello Kitty. It cost me AUD7.00.
Looooooove it ~

Like they always say, "That's All Folks!" Can't wait to come back to this place again!

Sea World , Goldcoast.

We went to Sea World on the 3rd day in Gold Coast that is 25August2010.
Sea World is a whole world of amazing marine attractions, rides and shows. Sea World is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, and theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It includes rides, animal exhibits and other attractions, and promotes conservation through education and through the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. The park is commercially linked to Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet'n'Wild Water World as part of the Warner Village Theme Parks division of Village Roadshow.
Australia's very first Sesame Street attraction is now open at Sea World on the Gold Coast. The new multi million dollar attraction features a host of rides, shows and attractions to entertain the young and old alike. Sesame Street Beach includes newly themed rides such as Bert and Ernie's Big Dive; Oscar's Sweep the Beach; Elmo's Sea Subs; Big Bird Bounce; Zoe's Sub Splash; and The Cookie Monster Cup Carousel.
Dolphin are just so lovely !!!
For years its staple attraction has been the water ski show with water skiers doing acrobatic formations and jumps and the dolphin show where dolphins cavort, do synchronised jumps, and generally indulge in showing off to their audience.
Shark are so not lovely !
One of its newer attractions is Shark Bay (not to be confused with Shark Bay in Western Australia) where not only can you view sharks swimming about but you can swim with them as well. And now there are young polar bears Hudson and Nelson, and their more adult counterparts Lia and Lutik, at Polar Bear Shores.
Shopping & souvenir time ~
That's all , we dint play much here due to the cold weather. We just enjoy those shows and exploring around. Others games & rides is all WET , so we dint go for it. We leave the place early and went back to our apartment at Caville Avenue. Its located very near to Suffers Paradise , so we took a walk around the beach with such cold weather.
SURFERS PARADISE is the heart of the Gold Coast, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. All around and irrespective of what you're doing, sitting on the beach, partying in one of the frenetic nightclubs along Orchid or Cavill avenues, shopping for clothes. Don't come here expecting to be allowed to relax because when nightfall comes, Surfers bursts into action with 24-hour excitement. Bars and nightclubs start pumping with live music and dance beats, while non-stop events keep you entertained.

Enjoying our self with those jumping shoots. Literally took 10 over shots to get this few pictures only. Laughter , Happiness = ENJOY !!!

Sorry for the late update ~
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