Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baby Celine (7months old)

Be merry all, be merry all, Prepare the song, the feast, the ball, To welcome merry Christmas.
My oh my where does the time go? Its Christmas eve today so I decided her 7 months photo-shoot costume lets have something related to Christmas. Yes she is now 7 months old already. Baby girl is getting bigger by the minute and now that she is officially seven months old, I feel like she’s turning into a little girl, rather than my dreamy little baby. She seldom drink milk now , feeding her organics fruit and vegetable much more often now a days & shes getting rosy cheeks too! Its very adorable to me!
Here a few things Celine has been up to lately.
  •  Rolling and rolling everywhere she wants to go. She tries to crawl, but only manages to jump a little front wards (pretty frustrating for her) but backwards is no problem for her at all!
  •  Celine is eating like a champ! Besides bottles, she eats a fresh fruit that I blend into puree with  sometime mixture of veggie in the afternoon I never knew watching a baby try to put a little puff to her mouth would be so entertaining.
  •  The amount smiles and laughter that come out of this girl is ALLOT! She really is such a happy baby. 
  •  She screams so often , sometime its a little frustrating for me!

     Ohhh my , cute little Christmas tree baby!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tōdai-ji (東大寺) @ Nara,Japan

Todaiji (東大寺, Tōdaiji, "Great Eastern Temple") is one of Japan's most famous and historically significant temples and a landmark of Nara.

The approach to Todaiji is amazing; there are lots of deer and people, and shops with souvenirs and food line the route. You walk through the Nandaimon Gate, an impressive wooden gate with two fierce statues inside it. You can't see the main hall until you purchase your ticket. Its the world's largest wooden building and its truly impressive. The building houses an enormous bronze Buddha statue.
The deer at Nara park are wild animal they can attack people suddenly. So be careful!
Open 0800-1700 every day. 
Entrance fee is 500 yen per person. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OSAKA Day6 - Universal Studios Japan!

This is what we all been waiting for , today is the day! This is our first visit to Universal Studio and its in Osaka,Japan. We dint want to visit the Singapore because I heard they say its very small and packed. We then got to USJ to purchase our tickets. To be honest tickets are overpriced, 6800yen for an adult 1 day past. More expensive than Disneyland/DisneySea! Universal Studios Japan has various sections dedicated to each of its famous movies or characters, and each section has a ride.  So the Jurassic Park section has a ride, and the Jaws section has a ride, etc. 
Entering the park was like entering a real-life Halloween Town.  But that'll become more apparent as we go on.  But I should mention that the entire park was flooded with Halloween music. 
So we went there during October and the theme is Halloween. Everyone were mad crazy dressing them self. I so regret I dint join them. It must be damn fun to be dress in Halloween costume since Malaysia doesn't celebrate Halloween at all! 
Look at the amount of people!
When we arrived at any game attraction the queue was unbelievably snaking all the way out and around the building. One look and our plan change instantly. We couldn't play any game , because the minimum wait of any game , even kids game is also 2hr approx. Kinda disappointed !
Universal Wonderland is a very popular family area where children and adults can have fun all day long throughout the year. Every corner of this area, which is home to various attractions such as The Flying Snoopy and Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Dream, will be decorated with extremely adorable Halloween-themed ornaments featuring jack-o’-lanterns, bats, candies and other items. In this colorful and cute character world during the Halloween season, Wonder Trick or Treat.

Go Crazy during the Day, Let out Screams at Night!!
Then the screaming started.  I had no idea where it was coming from, but realized it was coming from the Jurassic Park entrance.  Many people were investigating, so we did too.  What did we find?

Universal Surprise Halloween Takes Place on the Greatest Scale Ever! 
Entire Park excluding the area under the Canopy at Hollywood Area and Universal Wonderland will be totally transformed into a park of horror where the greatest number of zombies ever will hang around during the Universal Surprise Halloween period from 6pm. Approximately 90% of the Park will be occupied by a 1-km long chain of zombies! In some areas guests will see battles between zombies and soldiers, and in other areas they will be suddenly attacked by zombies. Different kinds of terrors that happen one after another around the Park will raise guests’ screams to the highest level. You can’t play it cool at the most scary horror park in the history of Halloween event at Universal Studios Japan. 
I swear I was shocked and I ran away and end up hide myself in a restaurant all alone! WTF my parents were enjoying and my mum keep snapping picture non stop. Popular Park attractions and a restaurant will be cursed by Sadako,her curse will cause guests to experience horrible terror and panic. I thought theme park supposed to be kid friendly but I felt terrified , shock and scared all the way. I wanna leave the place immediately!
Thats all for the day , heading for our dinner next!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kuromon Ichiba Market ("Black Gate Market")

Since there used to be a black gate northeast of this temple, the marketplace later came to be called ”Kuromon Ichiba Market” (Black Gate Market). The market has a total length of close to 600 meters with 170 shops, the vast majority of which specialize in the freshest and best quality meat, vegetables, eggs and other ingredients from around the country and abroad. Although well over half of total sales are for the business (professional chef) market, Kuromon Ichiba caters also to the general public. For more than 170 years, everyone from restaurant chefs to housewives have come here, drawn by the taste, freshness and variety of its products. As I have previously mentioned, visiting the local market is a good way to get insights into the lives of the locals. This is a market in Osaka City, located at the Nipponbashi subway station.
Another thing when you traveling at Japan , no matter in Osaka , Tokyo or Hokkaido . Make sure you visit their market for some fresh and cheap sushi & sashimi! Our aim here is to have our stomach bloated with sashimi and also have a try on puffer fish (water balloon fish).
 Puffer fish is very famous at Osaka but is very expensive. Is it a water balloon? A fish? A poisonous pill? It's all three actually. We decided to take our first try one this. Puffer fish is a poisonous fish , you need to have certificate to kill and chop these fish because if you cut them wrongly , the person who eat it may lead to death! Actually I dint know about this , after eat it. My parents told me that this fish is very poison if they chef doesn't know how to cut it. 

I was like OMG , you put me in danger????
 This small plate is 1800yen = RM60
I tried and I don't know how to appreciate it. I find it too chewy and tasteless. I had it raw.
Stomach was filled and next destination is to USJ! 
Universal Studio Japan