Wednesday, June 5, 2013

my BIRTH story - ✿BabyCeline✿

Celine Chew (A girl)
Born 24May2013, at 12:34 p.m.
( on wesak day and also my daddy birthday )
5.9 pounds, 19 inches
The proud parents: Crystal and Viinc Chew

How it all began
My due date suppose to be 20th May , but I'm all overdue. I was only admitted at hospital on the 23rd May night. Nurse and doctor did the check up everything and the next morning my water still haven't broke, so around 9am the doctor broke it. Until then I had wondered how so many women couldn't tell whether they had peed or their water broke. Now I know. Somewhere between 10am it has all started.It's like one minute I'm sleeping, and the next I'm gripping the side rail of the bed with my left hand and my husband's hand with my right. The contractions are coming in waves, each one getting more intense, making me speechless. I keep telling the nurse its coming out because I couldn't deal with the pain , and then when she checked it was only 3cm! I was in dying pain & she tell me it was just 3cm still much more pain to come girl! In case you all don't know , to push out a baby u at least need to be opened until 10cm! Sound pretty scary and crazy right? Me myself also couldn't believe it. It seems like hours pass but actually it was only 30min.  For a second, I think I'm going to poo. I told the nurse and the nurse said it is normal. I said I really need poo , they told me to poo in the pampers. Okay I tried and nothing came out. The nurse said it is normal because baby is coming down so I will feel like I'm going to poo. Then I feel something small and hard at the very top inside of my thighs. Meanwhile, the nurse is still looking at paperwork, monitors. I say, "I think I NEED TO PUSH!" And she says, "Oh well, let's have a look!" She told me I was just 6cm , still haven't!!! Tick tock tick tock , as the time goes my contraction really getting more and more intense. Even the nurse said my contraction is great and very fast. Until 11.30 I was 8cm , so they push me into the labor room and that is when everything goes crazy inside me. I was pushing and pushing since 11.30 and finally the nurse says "OH! I see a head!" until 12.34pm only my baby is out. The pain is really intense and all I wanna do is just get the baby out as fast! I never made a peep. I was concentrating too hard on getting that baby out! I did reach a point right before she came out where I felt so tired. Not like I couldn't do it, but I was just tired of pushing like, where's the pause button, please. I don't know how to describe what it felt like. I'm sure someone could. I was exhausted and thirsty and I barely have any face emotion when the doctor showed me the baby. All I see is a little purple/blueish baby crying. Even my husband was talking to me , I couldn't hear anything he said. my eyes were half close and all I wanted is to sleep. After all the pain and pushing out a baby that's really hurt when the doctor was stitching me up , I couldn't even feel a thing. Like I said my eye were half close and I don't even realize he is stitching it already. 

Yes, so I made it , natural born without epidural. I was really PROUD of myself !!!

I know women have been giving birth since the beginning of time but when it happen to you its really feels like magical. The moment my child were born , I was changed forever. I grow daily as a mother thanks to them. All in all , babies make the world a better place. Nothing could have prepare , your heart to open like this.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 23rd birthday to myself!

Happy 23rd birthday to myself !
It’s official, it’s May 27th again which means I am another year older!
I thought this year there will be no any candles for me , or even any celebration because my pregnancy was overdue and I was admitted to hospital on 23rd. Furthermore , after my delivery on 24th , I'm on confinement but on the eve of my birthday , family and bffs popped by with the cake and presents. As visiting hours is till 10pm , they celebrated my birthday for me before the clock strikes 12am. This is really the very FIRST TIME and last I guess? Celebrating birthday in the hospital. It's kinda weird yet awkward but in the same time I'm so touched. Thanks y'all !
  Thank you for all the people who remembered me today
by sending cards, and letters, gifts and good wishes.

 One more year has come and gone, this year is extra special for me because of my baby Celine. I am so Thankful, grateful and absolutely blessed! Thank you, God, for not only giving me another year of life , you also blessed me with an little angel this year! I could never ask anything then having a smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

Thank you, God !