Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby Celine is 3months old!

 My sweet, precious, and adorable little girl is 3 MONTHS old!

Princess, you are a whole whopping 3 months old today 24August2013 and your mummy and daddy could not be more blessed for such an amazing 3 months that we have had with you.  I love you and I love your sweet baby smiles. Hard to believe for me this new mama , that my daughter is already 3 months old. Times flies and I've enjoyed so much in taking care you every single minute. You just cheer me up so much!

Amazing progress my baby girl and daddy and I are thankful for you actively participating in sleep parties! 
 I'm 5.4kg and 60cm today.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Finally , at last!

 Finally I've step into the club ! ! ! 

Been to Velvet , Zouk last month. It's like a year I've been in jail with no alcohol and night life. At last I feel I can fly once again. Just kidding , I just really miss drinking and partying with my friends. Enjoyed it allot when we dance together. Again thanks hubby for make it happen. After so long finally I felt like I'm a teenager again. Dint expect you're the first one who bring me come and enjoy , I thought it would be my friends. Anyway thanks allot for make it happen for me. I know I've been nagging you allot.
 I know I still look very flabby and chubby. I havent reduce back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Still 5kg more to go. Don't ask me how I lose weight , I did nothing except been taking care my little girl and also do some house work such as cleaning and mopping the house. I think this is the fattest way to slim down, clean so much whole day until my hubby comes home , all I want to do is pass Celine to him and off to bed I goes.

OMG , cant believe I became a full time wife and mother now!!!
Nahhhh , this wont last long. I will sure get back to work when my daughter is at least a year old.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Penang DAP UBAH !

 The big size of UBAH Bird on water, cost RM60,000 UBAH inflatable giant bird. 
25 Feet height, 35 Feet wide DAP UBAH bird by DAP’s supporters and sponsors introduced concept. “My UBAH” inflatable UBAH bird, which is built by high-quality PVC manufacturing, weighing about 250 kg, the thickness of UBAH bird is 0.35mm as well as the buoy is 0.7 mm.
A group picture with hubby and his family members.
 Nautilus Bay Jelutong Promenade (IJM Promenade) Sungai Pinang, Penang.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Georgetown street art & wall painting

Taking picture like tourist. 

Beautiful wall painting of children all across historical Georgetown by Ernest Zacharevic. The artworks are funny, fascinating, and very much open to everyone's interpretations.He is leaving his mark with beautiful wall painting of children all across the historical Georgetown. Worth visiting this road. So many to see. The wall art, streets photos, and shop lots has their own unique items for sale. Great place to see local stuffs, quite similar like Malacca's Jonker street, but they're quite scattered in Penang.

After walking for so long , lets have a nice cold drink. By the way you can also rent bicycle and cycle the whole street while searching for those street art. The murals paint of Reaching Up are nice and these made the street famous. We like the murals paint very much but the parking would be a problem. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Harvest in cafe @ Jalan Irrawaddy,Penang

Finally it's time to relax!
After 10 months of pregnancy & also a month of confinement , I've been so mentally and physically tired plus emotional. So hubby said he want to bring me for a short vacation to relax myself. We both went to Penang for a trip of food & relax. Check in at The Northam All Suite, a place where they have Jacuzzi in the room it self. The hotel offers facilities such as fitness , massage , infinity pool to help you unwind after an action-pack day in the city. Smart choice for travelers to Penang that looking for a relax and hassle-free stay. After enjoying the Jacuzzi and the pool , its time to get ready for dinner. 
Well, here's a recommendation to my readers, Harvest Inn is a very good place with good ambiance and good quality of food, the restaurant serves western food with affordable and reasonable prices. Harvest Inn Cafe has always been Penang's top choice for cheap and good western food. Try it yourself and you will definitely wish to come again. 
You can upgrade your meal to a set which comes with drinks , soup and dessert. I love the soup here , it is fresh and thick. Their soup is served with hot bun and butter. Love the soup so much!

The food is nice and nice decoration, price is reasonable, good in value. But the place is small and squeeze, table to table is very close and you feel very noisy when everybody are talking. I would say this is the nice restaurant for dining but not the nice hang out place, after you finished your meals you have to leave because people are queuing for table. I'm not sure about other time but I dine during dinner time. You must make reservation in advance if not you might need to wait for the table.

Address : 10 , Irrawaddy Road , 10050 Penang.
Business hour : 11am-3pm / 6pm-10pm 
(Closed on Sunday and closed for dinner on Tuesday)