Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chinese Lantern Festival 2016



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last day at Goldcoast , Australia

Wherever you go , no matter what the weather ,always bring your own sunshine.

A day, however good or bad, has gone by,

Now it is the time to look at the bright blue sky. 

The sea that gleams with the light of the shining sun,

and birds that chirp with pride, ask us to join in the fun. 

Morning is a God's way of reminding all of us,

That love and hope still exists in the world. 

 Have a lovely day!

The end of my Goldcoast 2016 trip!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Whale watch tours @ Gold Coast , Australia

Day 4 in Gold Coast , Australia

Today our activity is whale watching tour. Im so excited because its my first experience. We choose Whale In Paradise company for this tour. All I can say is FABULOUS!  We did the 2.30 cruise to see the whales and were extremely lucky to have so many whales playing for us. Absolute highlight of our week on the Gold Coast. The staff were very friendly and just as enthusiastic as we were at seeing so many whales.  From start to finish the crew and tour was very professional, helpful, friendly and entertaining.
Vessel was clean and most importantly we saw some whales! I do not recommend going when the water is rough. Even if you don't get sea sick, chances are someone in your group does. Just be advised to take your seasick tablets before you leave, as it can get a bit "swelly" out there. 
It is very exciting to see your first whale, especially when it is right under the boat. Can't believe how many whales we saw , really fantastic and unforgettable experience. Can't recommend enough! A thoroughly enjoyable experience. 
Amazing time! Recommend going on the afternoon tour as you get the sunset as well which was beautiful.

The ride out was breathtaking it was still a worthwhile experience.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Warner Bros. Movie World @ Goldcoast

Day 2 at Goldcoast  @ Movie world .

 I visited Movie World 5 years ago and now coming back here, I had pretty high expectations.  Too bad it was really run down. It was small and nothing much to do. Hope they will upgrade. Food places are all brand new , everything else is completely dated 1990's everywhere you look. Old rides. Food is a rip off. it has become so commercial and be prepared to spend money for everything!! I was also disappointed at the lack of characters walking around the park. Gone are the days of bumping into your favorite character for a photo. Now if you want the privilege you have to line up at a certain time and pay $20. 

IMPORTANT: The park opens at 9:30 but the rides don't start until 10am & some even 12pm

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Seaworld @ Goldcoast,Australia

Disappointed by seaworld. was hoping for a more interactive visit, but lacked that excitement Kids would love it. Good collection of animals.. love the dolphin show and the penguins.Not much to do except watching animals most rides open at 12pm.   You can also do a helicopter ride for extra charge. Dolphins, under water world are some of the highlights! But all these is extra charge. 

 Since I have been here 5 years ago everything it's pretty much similar . If you have watch  shows in Singapore you will found nothing much surprising. Overall not very exciting and can give a miss if you have seen else where. 

Previous trip link at below;

Friday, September 2, 2016

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary @ Gold coast , Australia.

First day at Goldcoast! During arrival we went straight to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. As you enter into the park you meet the koala photo section, which was great as it meant you didn't miss the opportunity. I took photo with the koalas but too ugly to share here. Anyway it was my second experince and i would say the same thing , it was really smelly! 
By the way there were lots of koalas up in branches and awake. 
Had a fun time feeding the kangaroos. Great that they have a mini train that can drive us around to different stops. Looks very natural and not like a zoo.