Saturday, May 31, 2014

Congratulation to my classmate Ada Tan!

Me with the long lost Amanda aka best friends , best sister , best school partner. Glad that our friendship still last till today , its been 16years! Although we seldom get together like we used to be , but deep down our heart is still connected :)
No idea why I look so puffy on that day :( 
Before the dinner start , please us take a sel-fie with the beautiful bride!
Congratulations on the most important union of your life! May you two always find love and hope in the company of one another. Marriage is about finding true love and sharing a common, beautiful dream. 
Really miss all of you , miss school days , all we need to worried is our exam , our homeworks. Unlike now , we need to worried about so many damn things in life! Especially me when I've already a mother!!! You have no idea how physically and mentally tired I am sometimes. Anyway LIFE-GOES-ON.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Phuket ♥ Foto Hotel

Located within a 50-minute drive of Phuket International Airport,Nestled in the heart of Kata, Foto Hotel is an ideal spot from which to discover Phuket.  Foto Hotel offers cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi. Beautiful and stylish design Hotel . Comfortable room with super big and super soft bed and also Jacuzzi on the balcony. Love the cute Big Bear too!  Creative Breakfast with great service. Nice Ocean View from the top plus free minibar too. First time stayed at a hotel , that gives you free mini bar and its refillable! Extended breakfast timing, usually it's 7am - 10am, but for Foto Hotel, it's extended to 1pm. The swimming pool is fantastic, not to say, the view at the pool is just so gorgeous. Just absolutely love this hotel and everything about it. Every detail is carefully thought out to precision in an artsy fashionable way. Love my stay here!
Its my birthday !

 Amazing view
OK , some crazy selfie with the hubby.
Yummy...... tom yam spaghetti 
Cute hubby , he couldn't find any cake , so he bought few mini cakes and sang me the birthday song once I came out from bath. Just a very simple celebration for me , no fancy cakes , no present but a HUGE HEART from you , my dear hubby. TQ so muuuuchh ! 
Beach sand, perfect tans. Day walks, night talks. 
Sleepless nights, pillow fights. & spending every day with those who matter most.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday Retreat 2014 ♥ Phuket

What better occasion than your birthday to pause and reflect on where you have been and where you are going? Its been a year I'm into the motherhood life. Its a miracle that I've made it until so far , although is just 1 year , but I feel so proud of myself already. Anyway being a mother really not easy , sometime I can be suuuupppppperrrrrrrrr TIRED!!! So hubby decided to bring me for a holiday , to get away from home , away from our baby just for few days and rest and relax our self. Since hubby never been to Phuket/Krabi so I decided to choose beach for this trip although I've been like 10 years ago. Kinda forget most of the thing >.<
The famous Phi-Phi island.
Ha ha ha....cant believe this is our first time snorkeling together 
Khai Nai island.
I am you. you are ME. You are the waves & I am the ocean.
The wind blows through your hair. 
The warm sun bathes your skin. 
Soft golden sand caresses your feet.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Celine is One!

 A beautiful white venue + pretty pastel desserts + the cutest little birthday girl 
= the perfect recipe for a darling Pastel Pink First Birthday Party! 

So the we held the birthday party at Fullhouse , its a lifestyle cafe with nice decoration and also white furniture with vintage wallpaper. Perfect for what we need , no need much to deco the place. Everything about the cake and dessert table is done by myself. Yes , the mummy do all the hard work but its worth it! I Google , steal some ideas and theme crop and add own design print it and stick it. Lots of creativity and hard work , but its for my baby girl. Its worth it! Was too busy until forget that I should buy balloons :(
 She is a little bit scared of the candle.

 Beloved family and in-laws
 Hubby friends and buddy's!
 My little angel,I wish you a Happy Birthday! I love you!
You may only weigh a few pounds and you are small enough to fit in my arms, but the amount of joy and happiness you have brought in my life is larger than life itself. Happy 1st Birthday!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baby Celine is ONE! ✿

I can’t believe it’s a year ago since you came into our lives… It’s amazing how quickly it goes by! At times you think you’ll never get through the sleepless nights and all night feeding sessions! But we did and what an awesome year it has been! She's such a sweet and wonderful baby! It makes me really sad to think of a day in the future when I won't have a baby Celine to smile at me and laugh. I would just love to freeze her at this age forever if I could! No growing up!!! 
Needless to say, you continue to amaze me each day. 
You continue to be a happy go lucky baby almost all of the time.  You love to play and get into things you know you shouldn't be in.  I don't know why we spend so much money on toys, you'd be happy playing with tissue paper, toilet paper, bags and pulling things out of the wall all day long.  The funniest part about your mischievousness is that you totally know you shouldn't be doing it.  You'll crawl to the location, turn around to see if we're watching, if not you go for it. 

Respond to their name or other familiar words, or seem able to hear loud everyday noises.
Recognise people or objects they know from across a room.
Spot or pick up a very small object between their thumb and forefinger.
Manipulate larger objects and pass them easily from hand to hand.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy 16th May! 8年情人!

Happy 16th May 2014!  

Our love has grown together. When I think of our life together over the years , all the special times , bad times and treasured memories , I know I am so lucky to have you my dear lover! Every year when this day comes, I'm filled with love and pleasure. As our lives go on and on, one thing is always true. To the very end, I’ll always wish for more time, more love with you.
Thank you for the eatable flower this year!