Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weekend dinner @ Charlie Chaplin

  The food was OK nothing so great or to shout about. Service is out in terms of the staff not having the proper etiquette to serve the customers. Its like they've been forced to work there. Nice ambiance but i would not recommend to my friends or family.  The food was OK nothing so great or to shout about. Service is out in terms of the staff not having the proper etiquette to serve the customers. Its like they've been forced to work there. Nice ambiance but i would not recommend to my friends or family. 
The food was OK nothing so great or to shout about. Service is out in terms of the staff not having the proper etiquette to serve the customers. Its like they've been forced to work there. Nice ambiance but i would not recommend to my friends or family.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Get-a-way Cherating , Kuantan

Weeekend get-a way with family and little one. Short trip to Cherating , Kuantan. The laughter , the memories, the happiness together with the little one. Its her first time to beach! Really a memorable trip , to see her face and emotion when her feets touches the sands and water hits her little feet. She was scare at first but later on , she refuses to leave the beach. 

Life's a beach
I'm just playing on the sands
Beside than little one is enjoying her first time , grandpa also is enjoying very much!
Mother Daughter LOVE
Thanks for the trip time beloved mummy & daddy
Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me:
 If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures,
 life and living need not be so hard.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

VLOG ♥ Throwback Boracay with love

Throwback little short video of our Boracay trip.

Witness the beautiful of Boracay Island.It was a lovely beach getaway with my beloved hubb , thank you for spending time and bringing me for a holiday even I know you had to work so hard for our family.  Live and work but do not forget to play , to have fun in life and really enjoy it. We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us... 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Clawset Cafe @ Damansara Jaya

If you're a dog lover like me, then this is where you'd wanna be! Clawset Cafe is a dog cafe located in Damansara Jaya. The cafe is located on the second floor and is quite easy to spot. When you enter the cafe, you'll see many Pomeranian, poodles and a few dogs of other breeds running around or being cuddled by the customers. You're even allowed to bring your dog to the cafe to play with other dogs while you have something to eat and drink. Clawset Cafe is a cafe catering to dog lovers. They have freaking cute puppies!! Not to mention, they also have a pet salon and pet shop. You can also bring your furry friends along to enjoy this wonderful place for dog lover. 
The food and drinks here are not up to expectations but most of the visitors come here to play with the dogs instead of eat. Although that is the main reason of their visit, it is compulsory to order something as it is a cafe after all. They also sell treats which you can buy to feed the dogs there or your own. 
OMG It's so cute. I can almost squish it. 
In my opinion, the dogs there are extremely well behaved and cuddly. Not to mention that they're super adorable!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara

Haraju cube the newly open honey toast is in town and it created huge crowd! If you're a fan of 'After You' Dessert Cafe in Bangkok, then you must really make a visit to Haraju-Cube to satisfy your cravings for Japanese honey toast! For those who have not heard of it, Japanese honey toast is a whole loaf of bread encasing towering bricks of cube-shaped bread, decked with extravagant toppings such as ice creams, fruits, nuts and whipped cream. 
Ambiance wise, it boasts a vibrant yellow and white interior to keep diners' mood at high spirits. Personally I love it , it looks very clean and bright.
They served in very big portion. Sharing portion will be 2 to 4 portions. The price range for each honey toasts are from Rm22.90 to Rm32.90. 
Sparkling water is free flow.
Sweetie is in good mood :)
Lastly, their service is totally satisfied .However, it takes time to wait for the toast because they need times to bake the toast. But, nice food always worth the wait!
Haraju-Cube can easily be located, as it is just directly above Texas Chicken at Empire Damansara.

Lot 103, Empire Damansara,
Damansara Perdana, Selangor.
Opening hours: 11am-11pm (Sunday & Tuesday-Thursday); 
11am-12am, (Friday-Saturday.)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dinner @ The Hobbit House , Boracay

If you go to D' Mall, do t forget to pass by the Hobbits House where good food and good music can be found. The atmosphere is so relaxing and the staff are so hospitable and so friendly.

We had our dinner there and I can't wait any longer to write them a good review already. Staff were really helpful and friendly. It's like the movie ,when you go in to eat ,the hobbits come and you order your food. They are very funny ,and there food is good , cheap, try it.  Pass by few times and it was very quiet during the day so visit them during the night , they have live band too!
Spaghetti bolognese were normal but the baby back rib is nice!
They took our photos and then photos with them. It was a lovely, memorable experience. They claim they are the world smallest waiters! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Boracay ♥ All you need to know about

It was a lovely beach getaway with my beloved hubb , thank you for spending time and bringing me for a holiday even I know you had to work so hard for our family. One of the most visited destinations in Philippines is Boracay. It is famous for its beaches and happening parties! The whole trip we spend was RM4.5k for 5days 4nigths. RM2.5k for ticket and accommodation and RM2k for our expenses including food , water sport and entertainment. Worth going right?! Do plan minimum 4 Days for Boracay. 3 Days is way too short as you essentially wasted 1st & last day for airport transfer.

I took AirAsia flight and it landed at Kalibo , in case you all dint know its 2/3hr from Kalibo to Boracay. The moment you step out from the airport , there are lots of people holding sign such as 250peso for a mini bus transfer. Then I ended up pulled by a lady and she offer me 2000peso for a private taxi , on the spot can leave and the journey is only 1hr. It sounds very interesting to me , because I really want to reach there faster if not our day been wasted through the transfer. After negotiation we got it at 1000peso = RM85 for a private taxi. The journey was 1hr30min because there were slightly traffic jam. If you are not rushing , you can choose the 250peso for a bus transfer but you need to wait the bus full only they will start the journey.
The taxi/bus only will transfer you to the Caticlan Ferry and you still need to buy boat ticket to the island , is around 200peso per person. The ferry takes approx 15 mins to arrive Boracay, from Boracay Jetty you have the option to take a tuk tuk or van to your hotel costing 100 to 300 peso for the trip.

  • Station 3 is the closest to the jetty port, and is where you can find the best deals on a peaceful stay.
  • Station 2 is about a kilometer or 2 away, and is where you can find the parties and nightlife
  • Station 1 is two to three kilometers away, and is also a good place for peace and quiet - though it's generally more expensive.
  • Diniwid Beach, is a kilometer past Station 1, and it also has some relaxing (but pricey) options.  Bulabog Beach is on the opposite side of the island from White Beach, and has some affordable, less crowded options as well.
 So we stayed in Regency Hotel which is located in the middle of Station 2 , just 5minutes walk to the D'mall and its a beach front hotel. The location was perfect! But don't expect to much from this hotel , I personally don't feel worth staying here because for a 5star hotel there is no wifi in the room?! My room was OK , but I feel certain room is near to the beach or the club would be very noisy at night. Luckily mine was not , if my 4night stay here is that noisy I think it will spoilt my whole holiday mood.

 Actually D'Mall is consist of few shops and a lots of restaurant. Its located in Station 2. Goods sell here a bit pricey compare to D'Talipapa. If you want to buy souvenirs you better go to D'talipapa for a better price. You can try the foods here especially Smoke Restaurant. Its taste good and cheap. Actually this place is better eating than shopping.

This is the white beach , which is not so white.
 The beach was lovely, however, very busy and marred by the Green Algae that was present. It was really disappointing. This apparently is only for two weeks of the year. You can just wade out past it and enjoy the clearer waters. Walk the beach to avoid the touts/hawkers. Beautiful sunsets every night.   Filipinos and foreign tourists seem to be respectful of this beautiful place, and that makes me happy.  There is a "no smoking on the beach" policy that I appreciate very much as well.  Amazingly, it actually works - I hardly noticed any cigarette butts!
You can walk along the beach to Station 1/2/3. We did walk from Station 2 to Station 1 on the second day & I dint know it was a damn long walk. It took us 30minutes and I'm burned because I dint not expect it could be a long walk I dint put on sunblock! While walking along the beach , I've realize Station 1 is much more lesser people compare Station 2. So if you guys just want to enjoy the beach , you can just stay at Station 1 or 3 , which is away from the happening spot which is Station 2. The "FRIDAYS" its located end of Station 1. 
Sand castle made by kids , this we pay 100peso for it because it was specialize with our name. Other would be much bigger and nicer , and they usually collect 50peso if you want to take picture. This is actually illegal because after awhile you will see police coming and call us or the kids to ruin it. There is no price on this or signboard , if you want to take picture just sit by the beach during evening and there will be lots kids around asking you.
So this is our private boat for island hopping. Here come the fun part about Boracay , water sports! The best season to visit this island is during Nov-May. If you go on June-Oct it will be raining season , that's why their air fare its cheaper. Yes during peak season it can be crowded , I know some people hate it when the beach is full of people , but don't worry its still very clean. To avoid the massive crowd , suggest you to stay at Station 3.

 So there is plenty of activity to do in Boracay and the best thing is everything seems so cheap , comparing Phuket / Krabi or Malaysia. We paid 4000peso = RM350 for a private boat for island hopping , including helmet diving and para-sailing for the BOTH OF US. Where can you get such price?! That means only RM175 for each. Island hopping to Crystal cove , Balinghai beach for snorkeling , Puka beach. They also have cliff jumping , scuba diving, ATV and much more which we dint try. Cliff jumping and zipline sounds fun! Which we kinda regret dint try it.

Crystal cove island , 200peso for entrance fee which was not included. Love this island as you can get a nice view at the top and it feels quite tribal. There's nothing much to do on the island though and the steps down the cave can be slippery and dangerous, but it was a unique experience. There is 2 different sides. Strong waves, nice photos taken there. One cave is quite shallow, need to crawl in & out.
Puka Beach is so beautiful! The sand is not powdery because of the shells but the water and the waves are perfect! It's like being in a wave pool because of the super clean water. This is a sea shell beach , so the sand is not smooth because is full of shells and coral everywhere. Nothing much to do , there are few restaurant but its kinda pricey. Great place to chill. Buy a drink or two and you can use a lounger under the shade of a palm tree the whole day. I really do enjoy here , compared white beach.

Picture credit from google , because I dint bring my camera out during the night.
D'Talipapa is considered a must dining stop in Boracay. The main hook is being able to shop for the seafood you like and then choosing a restaurant to cook it for you.  Remember to negotiate at least 50% of the price they offered to you. Example live lobster he told us 2500peso , then we got shock and walk away he say OK OK 1500peso, but then we are interested because we are not really a seafood lover. Especially me. 
Feeling like a stranger in the island? Wondering what to do and where to go for a night of island fun?
One of the best things to do in the Philippines is to go on the Boracay Pub Crawl

O Captain, my Captain! These Captains really know what they are doing and know how to PARTY hard! Definitely a night I'll never forget! The entire activity was awesome and it was even made more awesome by the great captains who manned the night! It cost 990peso per person , including a T-shirt , shot glass, 5 pub and club hopping , 10 free alcohol drink. It starts from 9pm-1am. If 10 drinks not enough for you , just purchase it for only 100peso for 2 glass of drink , only for Pub crawl member! Happening every Wednesday , Friday and weekends. They have early bird price for the first 50 customer , just walk til you reach Station 4 Beach Bar (Beside Globy/ Aplaya and near Starbucks) You can register early to enjoy the early bird price which is only 690/750peso.

 You can catch beautiful sun-set along the white beach.
Sit by the beach , its windy and cold during 5pm , sunsets at 6.30pm. We find it good enough already and we are too lazy to get up. If not you can join the sunset sailing , only 300peso person. I think you can get better photos of sunsets there.

 Recommend drink! Just few block away from Starbucks.
Only 199peso for this drink and you can refill how many as you want as long as you bring back the bottle. Refill or try other flavors only at 99peso. Purchase this drink and you also allowed to you their beach chair provided. Other beach chair you need to rent from it.

Happy Traveling!
I hope I give you all allot of information on this trip, because I know recently Boracay is the place to go. I love traveling and I hope I can travel more to blog more.