Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gemini's birthday celebration for the 3 of us

It was a small family dinner last week here at the Greyhound, KL. We are here to celebrate all of 3 Geminis's birthday! The original outlets in Bangkok have always been my favorite place to go, I was excited to hear that it was coming to KL. On arrival, we were warmly greeted and seated in the fairly nicely decorated space.  If you don't compare this cafe with the one in Bangkok then everything its alright. If you compare , I guess you will be disappointed like me. 
Happy kids 
Even happier grandfather and grandmother.

Happy birthday Daddy!  Happy birthday my little one! and lastly Happy birthday to myself!

Mom and dad… you’ve gone through a lot of struggle and pain. But I promise, I won’t let all that go in vain. I will grow up, to be the best I can be. Not everyone is as lucky as me to be blessed with a parents like you.Thank you so much  for coming into my life and standing by my side. Happy birth day to me!