Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Welcome Baby Vayne!

Welcome my baby boy!

Baby decided to come out earlier to meet us , he was born 7 January 2015 , earlier about 2 weeks from my due date. He is 2.75kg / 48cm. Delivery was all natural! Contraction came around 12pm when I was at home still sleeping , I thought it was stomach ache and I keep go toilet. But after few hours , the pain getting more intense so I rush to hospital for a check and doctor say I was dilate at 4cm already. So prepare to admit and wait for delivery. Lucky everything was fast , even thought it was fast but the pain really still hurts so bad. Anyway everything is over. Don't want to say so much because this is my second delivery. I'm glad GOD gave me such a wonderful perfect life , first a daughter and now a son. Couldn't be more satisfied with that! Although being a young a parents , could be difficult for a start , but I believe when everything is stabilize. We will be one happy family. Everything will be worth it in the future!
Once you become a mother , your whole life changes. The way you see things and the way you treat others changes. Now I've been a mother not for long , but I can pretty much sums up the changes I've notice. Copies this article from some website which I found its really worth a read because it express my entire feeling towards being a mum and I pretty sure every mum out there can feel what I feel too! 

1. Your life no longer revolves around you. You will no long put yourself first when making decision or major life changes. Selfishness turns into selflessness. 

2. You will no  longer be able to go out the way you used to. 

3. Your attitude about people suddenly changes. 

4. You don't mind getting poop on your fingers. If you are a mother , Im sure this had happened to you because it definitely happened to me.

5. Sleep becomes a foreign subject to you. You get absolutely no sleep. Those 8-12 hours of sleep you'd normally get before children or during pregnancy are completely gone. You will feel lucky if you get to sleep for 4 hours.

6. You feel bad if you let them cry it out. People say let babies cry themselves to sleep if everything has been done , plus its good to their lungs. NO! If my girl is crying for more than 5 minutes , I start crying!

7. Your body no longer your body.

8. You wan those new Jimmy Choos? NO! The first thing you buy? Baby item. Shopping becomes a thing of the past for you , and it becomes all about the baby.

9. Holidays become holidays for the kids.

10. Baby sitting turns into a whole FBI background check. You do a whole check to make sure this person is safe to be around with your child. The worrying gets to you , even when you do find the perfect baby sitter , you will still worry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After confinement!!! First outing ヽ(^o^)ノ

Finally its time to go out after the 40 days of confinement. New Year food and snacks, New Year decorations, and clothes for New Year before New Year’s Eve.Its time to get our CNY shopping done!
CNY decoration at Pavilion , KL
Let's celebrate a year of hard work, have a good rest, and relax with family. 
Wish all for a lucky and prosperous coming year!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2nd Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very specific 40 weeks in a woman's life in which such strange, yet similar things happen to all of us carrying the load. This is my second pregnancy and I never thought of so much changes could happen to me compare to the first pregnancy. My hormone changes allot compare first one. May be because I'm having a baby boy. But this is really just so damn suck! My skin getting dry each day , my emotion going way down until sometime I think am I crazy , my appetite gone worst and unhealthy. I couldn't eat anything , all I want to eat is just chocolate and they told me I shouldn't been eating too much chocolate because it was too heaty and fear that I could get diabetes during pregnancy. My body odour rise and I sweat like unusually , this just making me more bad temper. Baby position is blocking my uterus and I keep have to pee. Stretch mark all over until behind of my body. I even admitted hospital due to over vomiting and diarrhea. Pimpers popping out non stop at my forehead and my body too. Leg cramp all the time until I couldn't sleep. Baby bump too low until I have to open my leg so big to seat or even walk. Couldn't bend down much because its hard for me to get back up. Continuously have difficult breathing at night and its disturbing my sleep! 

I've never experience all this in my first pregnancy so this is just too much for me to accept and live with it for 9months! Seriously I had a super hard time and I did not enjoy my pregnancy most of the time :( but the thing that's nice about pregnancy is that in the end, you have a baby.
Going into a pregnancy is a really challenging time for a woman, because it's forever-changing, both mentally and physically. While being pregnant can be a trying and oftentimes uncomfortable experience, there are moments when being pregnant feels so magical and thrilling that we never want it to end. One thing is for certain: there’s no other experience in life like it. Salute to all mother and women out there!! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The last day of 2014

31 December 2014

The day I've been waiting for has finally come! The last day of year 2014!
2014 has been a nightmare to me , really a nightmare!!! Its bring me lots of unhappiness and fear and been very emotional to me. I've always told myself , its okay its gonna end soon. Yay! The day I've been always waiting for is finally here. Its time to celebrate and let go everything behind and start a fresh brand new year again. Plan to celebrate at hill top and count down too but due to we have to reach home early to pick up our child so we just have a simple dinner at TGIF and also spend the counting down there. It was very simple but I'm so happy and excited!!!

Some of the most precious moments of my life are the ones spent in silence, just holding your hands and cuddling in your arms. I love you my hub! Hope year 2015 will bring back us all the laughter & happiness that we missed last year! 

Forget about your past, you can’t change it
Forget about your future, you cant predict it

Just think about present, you can handle it.