Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chocolate Ville , Bangkok.

Chocolate Ville is a great place for those who like to take picture. Definitely girls will like it. Chocolate Ville located outskirt of Bangkok, it’s a man made park with western design. You have to take a cab or a private car which cost around 800baht per trip (including return), it depends on your bargaining skill. There's no BTS leading directly to Chocolate Ville, it's accessible by taxi and the journey is approx. 45mins.

From the moment you step in, you feel like not in Thailand. The design of the buildings, details, signs, everything is very European - Western - Old American. Well, except most of the waiters dont understand English. They have everything! Old jeep, gas station, lake, barn, gazebo, lightower, wine cellar, bridges, summer cottages, and many more on the menu...
 Atmposphere were nice but I expected bigger area like theme park or something. 
 heard about this place from a friend and wanted so badly to visit. But to reach the place is so difficult since it is far from central city and most of taxi driver refuse to drive us there. 
Great atmosphere and windy. Food was average but service can be a bit slow and confusing. Food is a bit pricey, but dishes were big enough. 
Enjoy the night here with my lovely mum. We love the atmosphere, had dinner there and took lots of pics. I would recommend this place to you if you have not visited, at least a visit is a must. What we don't like was the journey there. Distance from central Bangkok to here is an issue. Once again not easy to get metered taxi here.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Agalico Tea House , Bangkok

So its cafe hopping while we're in Bangkok. Found a nice place for some high-tea 
With their all-white tearoom, leafy garden, graceful glass gazebo, homemade scones, apple crumble and a wide selection of teas. This is a really pretty place indeed! The entrance is really concealed, I saw several people walk pass it before walking back, peeping in and then deciding that they've found the right place. The whole cafe didn't have a signboard anywhere either, so I have no idea who knew it's called Agalico? Often you will bump into Thai actress acting or having their tea time there. I've bump into Panward Hemmanee , no idea who was she until I ask one of the staff there only realize she is a Thai actress. Oh well , I just miss the chance taking picture with her :(
The cafe had about 3 levels, but the main seating area is only on the ground floor. the upper level had a room that looked like a living area, with vintage photos of Thai monarchy and others hanging on the walls.
Food wise, the selection was limited and average. They had a wide range of teas, but felt more like a mish-mash of whatever they could find rather than a premium selection.
The garden area behind was really lovely, but just being there in the afternoon under the hot Bangkok sun was not the best idea!
It's very near Thong Lor BTS. Walking down the main road, you'd pass by Soi 53 first then at Soi 51, turn in and it's a very short walk before you reach a white "English-looking" building on your right. Turn in and at the door next to the security guard post, you'd find the entrance.
Its was a nice quiet place to have high tea. One visit is good enough to enjoy the environment and also taking photo session. Food wise really very limited.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mr.Bean Cafe , Bangkok

Thailand's Mr Bean craze finally brings a Mr Bean restaurant to Bangkok.
This place exerts such happy, bubbly vibe so if you’re feeling blue just go grab a coffee (and thai tea crepe cake, duh), sit at the bar seats by the window and watch the world go by. Or… just be on your phone or laptop with their free wifi… it’s totally up to you.
The restaurant features mostly unflattering, goofy portraits of Mr Bean himself, as well as a large television constantly playing the classic Mr Bean series, or the newer cartoon version. Union Jack throw cushions are scattered around the leather booths and armchairs, which rest on black-and-white chequered linoleum floors.
First visit here.
Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.
Located conveniently right next to Market Place in (soi4-6) Thonglor 
they have another branch at The Walk

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mother & Daugther Trip ♥ Mayfair Bangkok Marriott Executive Apartments

 Booked this hotel because it was under Marriott & we want to try to experience how is it since everywhere around the world , Marriott is like 5star rated hotel! Love the street here because there are plenty of restaurants around for you to try. The breakfast was delicious with lots of choice. But for a Marriott hotel , this was below my expectation or shall I say I was unlucky to stay there when they are renovating? Some floor were renovating , even the salt water pool is renovating. Can hear slightly noise and no wifi in room?! For such price? I really feel so disappointed , I would say Rongratana executive residence much more better and is just few block away. 
No doubt the breakfast really awesome , loads with plenty 5star food and lots of choices.
The pool is long enough , for those who wanna have a proper swim. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Baby Celine ✿ Happy 10 months old!

You are now into the double digits, TEN months old!
The biggest change this month has definitely been your personality.  It's developing more and more each day.  It's so much fun to watch. Good in socializing with your great 'smile talk'. Spice up the interaction with plenty of babbles and bubbles too!

Your learning more and more each day.You love to wave your hand when we say Hi or Good bye. You're standing and doing a great job pulling up and down on things.  You are walking with a walker but have no interest in taking any steps on your own.  You have two teeth and chew on everything. 
 She also loves bath time, and she kicks and splashes violently in her little tub and completely soaks the bathroom floor and whoever is bathing her!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family trip! ♥ Grand Lexis Port Dickson.

Its a family trip to celebrate my little bro pre 21st birthday celebration. Grand Lexis Port Dickson: Grand Lexis is a resort-style hotel, where every unit has its own private pool and landscaped garden. Perfect choice of hotel if you want pool with privacy.Hotel location is a bit far of nearest town. Check in-out was fast and easy. Room was spacious enough for big family with private pool. Mine was given near to the lobby. Facilities was enough. Outdoor activities also available. Breakfast was average.
 It would be good to replace the pool to jacuzzi, pool is too small to swim unless you plan to have a pool party.
Ohh ya , it's our baby first swim!
 So proud of her , although she is very scared but after a while she keep splashing the water.
Hubby boy 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Grand Shanghai , Setia Walk Puchong.

Setiawalk mall in Puchong unveils the long-awaited Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park 大上海 early this January. It is located on the 4th Floor, just right below the TGV cinemas in Setiawalk. The entrance it self make you feel like you back in china , with those oriental and classy Chinese touched of woods , deco , furniture , paintings ,lighting and even bicycle!
This is not a newspaper , is their menu!
 Is definitely worth to visit !