Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Malacca Food & Travel Guide.

A day trip to Malacca with family member to conquer all the food explore. Eating is definitely a good reason for a holiday to Malaysia and eating in Malacca is probably one of the best. Melaka has the best cultures mix which you will be to sample almost any dish or cuisines by the various races. Here is a little guide for where to get the good food. 
One of the famous Cendol stall located at Jonker street. This shop is famous for its environment which decorated by plenty archeology displayed on the wall display. Furthermore this shop also is been endorsed by 8Tv Ho Chak show. There are many shops and stalls selling cendol but Jonker 88 is one of the most favourite among all.
Something for the sweet tooth, Jonker 88 Desserts on Jonker Walk offer delectable Durian Cendol.
When you are at Malacca , how could you miss the chicken rice ball?
Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball is the other big player in the Melaka chicken rice ball game aside from Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. I wanted to try , so we queue up for it. Luckily the wait wasn't that long. The chicken was served warm, and it was delicious. Be warned that the rice balls are cold, though. Nothing so special about it , the chilli taste better then the rest. Some suggestion for you guys , if you dont want to queue so long at Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball , you can walk further down and try Hoe Kee Chicken rice ball. Not bad tho!
 Walking walking to digest our food in the tummy and next stop is to the satay house!
Location: Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/1, Taman Kota Laksamana
If you wanna try and have some, Sun May Hiong Satay House is the place to go to! They serve Pork Satay and it was delicious! It costs about RM0.70 each. I like the pork one better because of its crispiness whilst the chicken was like, quite normal.They also also serve pigs innards in skewers. Another thing nice in here is the satay sauce made of pineapple-based, which surprisingly goes very well with the pork satay. One of the best satay sauce being made in Malaysia.
Nadeje Patisserie is a cosy cafe that occupies two shop lots in Malacca. It specializes in mille crêpe, a French cake made of many crêpe layers. “Mille” means “a thousand” in French, implying the many layers of crêpe used. The shop is located at G-23 , 25 Plaza Makhota. 
Original Slice (RM 7)
Strawberry sllice (RM9.50)
That's all for the trip , of course you will be asking , why there is no satay celup? because they said satay celup is a MUST EAT food while you at Malacca. I've actually blogged about it before , you can have a look at HERE

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Bestie 2013

23 January 2012
Love and hugs to my Bestie who just completed another year into this beautiful world. You and I somehow just mange to fit perfectly in each others world as best friends. Life is not half the fun it is without you. As you celebrate your day , I celebrate the beautiful friendship that we share.
 Had a great lunch with the birthday girl at Kogetsu Japanse Restaurant is located in Saujana Hotel. Recommended by my mum. This award-winning Japanese restaurant overlooks the lake and golf course and is open for lunch and dinner. Kogetsu recreates the setting for classic Japanese countryside dining with a show kitchen in the main area, separate sushi and teppanyaki counters for alternative seating options and three tatami rooms for added privacy.
Soft shell crab maki.
Sushi & Sashimi bento .
Another bento set.
The decor is pretty simple, with wood being the most used material. We were ushered to a seat by the window, which would have a great view of the lake but it was kinda sunny due to the afternoon sun light were very bright on that day. Overall the lunch is great , there are many choices and we shared everything. Once again ,
Happy Birthday to you my dearest Bestie! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year eve dinner @ Huck's cafe.

Need a private home-come-back good food? An exclusive home dining with authentic Asian, Italian, Mexican and Western food. No refrigerator long frozen food. No MSG! Mostly organic herbs & spices. HUCK'S CAFE is the right place to go! Your first exclusive Home Dining , serve only wholesome goodness foods. Promote healthy organic home cooking. A private function venue , which Huck's Cafe serves about 20 pax per day only. Booking must be made at least one or two weeks in advance to be safe. The earlier the better. They don't take walk-ins. Menu must also be chosen beforehand as they shop for fresh ingredients everyday.
 Family get together dinner , to celebrate new year eve.
Basil Seed Mint Soda.
The first drink to be served after we arrived. 
 Sarawak Acar
Parmigiana Chicken Mushroom 
Baked Fish Coated with Oat, Topped with Cheese.
 Cottage Lamb Stew.
\The tender and juicy lamb is cooked just right. 
 Wild Rocket Chilli Chicken Spaghetti

 Durian Mudpie Ice Cream .
Available only during certain weeks of the durian season, but it's a total triumph. Creamy but not cloying, sweet without being too stinky, enhanced by a nice nuttiness that illustrates Huck's culinary creativity.
Classic Creme Brulee.
CHEERS to good health, peace and harmony !
Huck's Cafe,
22, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 2282 2126