Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BKk , last day!

Bangkok trip , day 4 = Last day
Its our last day at Bangkok. Our flight is at 8.30pm. We manage to check out late that is 4pm. Then headed to airport and wait for 6.30 to check in. Suck rite , have to wait. But glad we only wait for 1hr. Unlike some people have to wait 10hr plus. Anyway me and bro dint went out on that day. We sleep until the sun shine our butt. Then wake up watch TV , online and had our breakfast. Parents went out. And Guess what?!
Daddy manage to get me TY Bear! Its slightly expensive but left one and only. Normally is RM19.90 this time he bought it at RM27. Gosh~
Anyway Thanks and I appreciate it allot. Hehehe, another 1 more for my collection =)
Did some exercise then off we go to airport.

Outdoor activities with bro
Airport , Bangkok.That all folks , that's all for my Thai trip.
Ended with a box of chocolate. One of my FAV! Had 3packets while I'm on the plane.
And get back home with a super headache and body ache,for no reason!
Was sick for the following day and I was on Half day to work.

Peace out

Sunday, July 11, 2010

BKK , Day 3

3rd day at Thailand was basically Shopping ONLY.
Woke up pretty early and had our breakfast together. Then off we go to the Thailand weekend market. Its call Chatuchak Thailand weekend market.
There is no exaggeration to say that hardly any especially Bangkok doesn't know Chatuchak Market. This is The Worlds Biggest Weekend Market selling practically everything! You can find everything and more at amazing Chatuchak market. There are almost 9,000 individual booths overflowing with every imaginable type of wares to catch your fancy.

TRUST me , its HUGE!
I never get to walk all because I don't even know which part , I've walked. Things there are really cheap , if you are good at Bargain like me.
Yeaa.... I'm getting PRO! Shhhh shh ~
Walk for about 2hr , then off we go to Central. Because weekend market is hot , you will sweat allot! HELL ALLOT! So bring lots of tissue or hat for yourself if you plan to go there.
Went to Central and walk for an hour then we headed to Loaf and had our lunch then continue walk again. Sadly I cant find any TY bear there so I just shop for baby clothes and I bought a set. Then back to the hotel and that's it. Everyone was exhausted with their feet. Ohh yea, instead of that I bought my self a new bag , which I nvr tough of buying it at Bangkok. Wanna get a branded bag , which will not cost me more than 1k. Wanted Raplh Lauren but couldn't find it. Longchamp, but too many nowadays at Pasar Malam too. So just get Calvin Klein , since they having promo so the bag only cost me 30% lesser then original price. Will save more and get my Burberry or LV next time. Sad but I cant simply spend now, because Aussie trip is getting nearer , and I need $$$ to shop at there. Cause mum dad ain't giving me any this time!
My new Calvin Klein bag aka Crystal Kwa bag =pAww , so cute rite? New set of clothes for my baby Yellow
And this is what I've bought for Day3 , end of shopping spree. Some clothes for me and Bestie. And some random souvenir for random people =)
Lastly went for a swim in the late evening. Whole family tag along too. Same thing , dinner and watch match then sleep. That's all for Day 3.


Friday, July 9, 2010

BKK , Day2

Here it goes , so Day 2 at Bangkok was all about running about.
Woke up at 8am and get ready for breakfast and prepare everything and off we headed for Prayers at Chidlom. Its called Erawan Shrine, you also can enjoy the five-star hotels and upscale malls surrounded there. In case you all don't know more than 90 percent of Thailand's population are Buddhist, but they mix aspects of Hindu and animist beliefs into their spiritual perception. Buddha was born in India during the 5th century BC as a Hindu prince named Siddhartha Gautama.

So after all the prayers we headed to the floating market. I went to Thailand like almost 5times but I never went to their floating market before , so this time we must go!
The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, situated 110 kms west of Bangkok, 1hour drive from town. Is a very attractive place for tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables, from small boats. You will also see traditional Thai houses, the way they live and travel by boats.

Well on the tourist trail, a trip to the Damnoen Saduak floating market is still worth doing. Totally chaotic, small 'khlongs' or canals are filled with flat boats piled high with fresh produce, each jockeying for position and paddled by ladies ready to stop and bargain at a moment’s notice. It's colourful, noisy, touristy but great fun. During the long-tail boat ride to market, you’ll pass orchards, traditional teak houses and local people going about their lives.
Its a place that we should go when we at Thailand to get experience. But to me , only 1 visit will do , wont go back for another because there is really nothing much.
So after that we headed to MBK Mall for the Teppanyaki that we all so MUCH!
Is DAMN Delicious you have to trust me. After the lunch , its Shopping time. Separate walked , me and my bro together and I shop like hell but only spend RM200 in total.
So little huh?? goooood ~
Back for a swimming session then dinner time at Hotel cause everyone was exhausted plus we were watching match too. FIFA Fever me and Dad =)
And this is what Ive bought for the 2nd day , stay tune for the Day 3!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

BKK Day1 - (2July2010)

สวัสดี people . . .
I'm at Bangkok currently. Happy that they have free Internet service here.
I pack 1 of my lil'babies along =)
Because I miss my Yellow Bear so muuuuuuuuuchhh !!! So I give this baby wear his shirt and I bring her along too. Look at her , looking cute with the super oversize clothes around her. Hahahaxx . . .
Yellow will be back from Dobi Monday ! and me too will be back at Monday night .........
So Day 1 got nothing much. I shall blog bout the Hotel because the hotel is Awesome and Cheap.
So our flight was at night and we reach to the hotel around midnight. Unpack then went to bed. So disappointment when I knew that Brazil had LOST.
Anyway the hotel that we stayed is called Somorset Lake Point.Somerset Lake Point offers comfort and convenience with their serviced residences and leisure facilities including 2 swimming pools with scenic views. Just by 5-15minutes walk and you can find 4 different shopping mall around you. And they also have free shuttle to the BTS station ( train station ). Our accommodation is include Breakfast , and the breakfast is way too good. Except the drinks are too SWEET!!!
Besides that they also have table tennis ,
Jacuzzi, children's playground , fitness & massage center.
I think due to the political issue at Bangkok , that's why they are having this cheap price. 2nights free 1night. Total for our Apartment at Somorset Lake Point. With have 2 rooms with Queen size bed , and kitchen all those. We only pay RM200+ per night! That is dirt cheap!
Bangkok are fine , its still safe to me. I dint see any fight or war happening here.
Peace for Thailand

PS : I weight my self and guess what?! I gain freeeaking 5kg in a month!
~ this time I do really need to on DIET!!!I'm 50kg now ;(

Argentina LOST , gooosh ~
Germany won with scoring 4 !
that a lot man!
cant blame , they are real good and fast!!!