Friday, January 24, 2014

Baby Celine (8months old)

My Dear Baby Girl,
Today is your 8 month birthday!

You have reached an all time new level of fun this last month!  You rub your eyes when you're tired and you smile and laugh all the time. You're getting so big! Well ,actually you've lost weight because you're doing so much! You just love moving around so much , crawling all over and getting into everything! And it all goes straight into your mouth , lol.
You also had your first real cold this past month.  It was so hard to watch you struggle to breathe and have a runny nose while you sleep. Fever went up and down. Really put me to sleepless night. You also been talking so much now. You often use da , ba , ma , fa ,mum but doesn't sound like anything when you say it all together.
You're also starting to learn how to balance when you stand up...and you are also starting to enjoy your walker more and more. You crawl over to anything you can find to support and try to push up on your feet. Sometimes you start huffing and puffing , its pretty funny. You've been pretty close a few times-making mommy nervous! Because I know what comes after standing....eek!

We love you so much and can't believe you'll be a approaching one year before we know it!  Time needs to slow down...I'm loving you at this age so so much!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

U & Me ♥ Raohe Night Market , Taipei

For my final blog post for this trip I will blog bout Raohe Street Night Market. 饒河街觀光夜市 is one of the oldest and most famous tourist night markets in Taipei. The Raohe Night Market, a stone's throw away from Wufenpu wholesale market , after shopping we went here for food feast! 
Herbal spare ribs soup! Yummmmm ~

Spotted big kid around 

 This is sooooooooooo disgusting in some way of creative too. Hubby bought this and looking him eatting this , make me feel so weird! Like he is some how gay or something. 
Love this!!!
Good night market to experience if you are sick of Shih Lin market. It is smaller than the popular Shilin however, I found it to be slightly cheaper and the street food was great and tasty too.  Definitely more food choices compared to Shilin!

Carton King Creativity Park (紙箱王) , Taichung.

Our 5day trip to Taipei we planned to use 1 day to go to Taichung so we woke up early in the morning and took the high speed railway train to Taichung! The journey is only 45minutes and it cost 740TWD. Our first visit at Taichung is to visit Carton King Creativity Park (紙箱王) . We use paper everyday. And in our impression, paper can only be used for drawing and writing. But the owner of Carton King (紙箱王) does not think it this way. He uses paper in the same way as plastic or wood is used to create dimensional packaging and in Taiwan, he created Carton King (紙箱王). An awesome place for the earth-hugging lovers. Great for everyone! Almost 90% items are made of recycled paper or corrugated boards! If u love paper art,this's heaven! A perfect place to take lots of photos. Totally worth a visit if you are in Taichung. 

There is an entrance fee of 100NT but you can use it to offset purchase or food within the place. There were many creative structure built with carton and cardbox. The shop also sells lots of affordable gift items and crafts. 
Ohhh noooo....I love this so much , couldn't believe adult could ride on this!
Ewww....even this huge fly also made from carton!
This is like a heaven for paper lovers and designer. A place filled with creativity and i love the idea of the TWD100 rebate that you can use in the place. The place is well maintain and definitely an eye opener for me.
Even lamp and lights too! 
Even furniture too! This is so CREATIVE!
Its was definitely an interesting and unique place for kids and cardboard aficionados. Was wowed by both the paper art and the beautifully designed landscape. The site is beautiful and romantic with cosy lights, sounds of waters and nostalgic music.

Carton King Creativity Park (紙箱王創意主題園區)
Address: 台中市北屯區東山路二段2巷2號
Tel: 04-22398868

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moncoeur (心之芳庭) , Taichung

Millions tourists have come to Lavender Cottage to see lovely purple lavenders since it was founded in 2001. On Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, or even just weekends, couples love to visit their garden to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. After years, people started to ask the hosts whether they could hold wedding in Lavender Cottage. However, the garden doesn’t have enough space and the facilities are not suitable. The hosts of the garden felt sorry that they were not able to provide a good place to hold a perfect wedding. Since then, they prepared to build a new garden special for wedding. Finally, the hosts spent 200 million New Taiwan dollars to complete Moncoeur (心之芳庭), the new wedding garden, in 2009.
“Mon coeur” in French means “my heart”. From the hosts’ hearts, they promise every visitor to have an unforgettable memory after visiting Moncoeur. Besides supporting wedding, the hosts also dedicate their life to furnish their garden by different elements. Wooden doors, flowers, lanterns, brick houses, colorful mailbox, and chocolates make here a great place for photography. 
This is, in essence, a replica of European style town with eateries serving western cuisine/fast food/ice cream and outlets such as lavender cottage with nice souvenirs (paper products, bath gelee, body lotion and sachets) on sale. The focus of attention is the little white chapel where wedding ceremony takes place.  From Taichung Beitun (northern) district, it's almost 25 minutes taxi ride at the price of NTD300-350.

I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then. 

I wanted to tell you that wherever I am, whatever happens, I’ll always think of you, and the time we spent together, as my happiest time. I’d do it all over again, if I had the choice. No regrets.

Tiamo ♥ 

The entrance ticket cost me TWD$200 but it attached 
TWD$100 coupon that you can use in the garden.
For food or souvenir .
I love you. I am at rest with you. I have come home.
Highly recommend this taxi driver , honest old guy. With a very good heart indeed! I left my camera in the car , I dint notice it until after an hour at the train station , I was thinking there is no way to call the taxi driver or to find him anymore! End up guess what , he tried to call us but he don't have our contact , so he left my camera at the train station lost and found place. OMG , I'm feeling so lucky this time!!!!

Furthermore he charge us damn cheap! We first just hop into his taxi and wanted to go to Carton King and then we were asking is Moncoeur far away from here , he said about 30minutes drive , He offer us Carton King and Moncouer TWD$300 only , and he waited for us until we done. Such a great offer! Rather than those , count you hourly TWD$400 per hr. 
Such a dream visiting this place , full of awesome flowers blooming your heart away.
Peaceful yet romantic. Enjoy so much here , plus the weather is just so cooling , we had enjoy our lunch very much! If you are keen to take photographs or would like to take a stroll in such setting, then it's worth a short visit, say for 1-2 hours. If you have more time to spend, you can enjoy a meal/afternoon tea in one of the two eateries.