Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I want you to remember
Those good old days ,Those days of happiness
When everything went your way

I want you to cherish those memories
I don't want you to let them go
And I hope they will make you happy

As they did so long ago

I wish I could comfort you
Shield you from life's pain
I wish I could just give you everything
You definitely deserve something to gain

You've always told me not to give up

Well here is a lesson for you
If you ever need me, call
That is all you have to do

You've been through so much these days

I'm sure God has something planned out
But in order to see it You cannot be blinded by doubt

So help me help you
Tell me everything you're going through

Let go of all these troubles
Because the more you hold on the more it doubles

Please, I can see your smile fading
I can hear your voice crack
You may not be near

But you know I got your back

So smile your gorgeous smile
Walk with your chin held high

Get up off the ground

Don't let your dreams die

Lets stand up high ,
laugh like there no tomorrow
Play party hard & fight those shits around us!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I am so in love with Taiwan , I also don't know why. This is the third time Ive been to Taiwan Taipei. And still craving for the next visit =) Just simply love there , I really don't know why. The food , the peoples and the shopping just so suit me. I feel so enjoy all the time when I'm at there. This time I go Taipei with my Bestie , and all the expenses by my own.
Woooots ~
I'm so proud of myself!
So we are there for 4days 3nights and we stat at East Dragon hotel. Its a budget 3star tourist hotel. I dint want any fancy hotel because I rather save for my shopping more , but the hotel turn out to be not bad! The toilet , the bed and whole things are all just nice and main point is walk straight out from the hotel and it is already Xi men ding.

Really Satisfied with this hotel!
Coke Forest Restaurant. Lovely ~
My choice of the day , really yummy ~
around Xi men ding
waiting for bubble tea. Been drinking allot at there!!
Shin Ling night market! Shopping and Foods time!!!
Finally my shopping damage for the whole trip. Lucky I spend within my limit!

Gonna enjoy for another few more days and off to work already.I really need so much $ right now.
I'm so broke now because I had a minor accident last Thursday night.
Just a small kiss with the big monster car and my car damage hell allot!
Arrgggh ~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei.
I am back from my Taiwan trip, it was one of the best country to visit especially for food lovers & shopping. Let’s cut things short and I will skip on a few post directly to this café as I am very excited to share with all of you!
For all the girls who loves desert or loves cam whore, you would definitely would not want to miss this café if you hit to Taipei, Hello Kitty Café which is located at Taipei nearby a Sogo shopping mall. I manage to took the MRT and by walking distance for about few minutes and we reached. I am so happy that I manage to did it by my own.
The outlook of the shop had been very eye catching by the whole design and concept store. What can I say some more? Its all so Q and pink and white!!! and of course my HELLO KITTY!

Well me and Bestie took lots of picture while we're there. Especially me , I love HELLO KITTY sooo much , I were like a crazy biattch taking picture there like non-stop!
Woooooootsss ~ I'm superb HAPPY =D

While waiting for our reservation , had to wait 45minute =(
Finally our table
My kitty cheese cake
Bestie main course
Kitty jelly for dessert
in the Toilet
Our bil
Yaaay !
I'm super bless and happy that I've actually been to here. Ive finally made it

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Batu Caves

Monday outing with family again , this time we visited Batu Caves.
Can you imagine its my frist time there after staying so long at Malaysia , Ive only been there once and that is on monday! I wanted to keep fit but always also failed , so this time I went there and climb the 272 stairs two times! Yeaaaah ~ I made it!!!
Bravo to me =)

Damn lots of naughty monkey there , look at these monkey is reading newspaper. Kidding ~
Like this pic , I look so fair and lovely here!
So after climbing the stairs we went to a famous restaurant at Gombak serve delicious noodle. I forget what the places called ,anyway look at these picture , its tasty huh?
Otak-otak was OK only
This is crispy and nice! Always love crispy fried food !
Okay that's all , Night fellows ~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

♥ Mount Buller ♥ !

Mount Buller!!!
The main thing I love about my Aussie trip was Mount Buller. It was my first time experience to see snow and felt snow , and get like freaking crazy cold there. Drinking like 4 hot chocolate to heat myself. Everything was AWESOME!!! I want to go again but this time I wish someone could teach me how to ski , it would definitely be FANTASTIC!
So I'm gonna blog about Day3 , at Mount Buller. It started way early in the morning , we had to wait for the bus at 5.30am that means its 3.30am Malaysia time. I only took 1hour nap then woke up and get my self ready for the trip , I was way too excited!
Had this pie for Breakfast. Miss the pie and the hot soup on that day. Really taste good and this shop is 24hour's. So the journey was approx 4hr's. I slept and also eat the whole journey. And when we reach , I'm like Waaahhhhhhhh love it!!!! of course its freaking cold too.
We have about 5hours there. Lots of time wasted at the equipment shop , cause we have to line up to get our ski boots and ski stuff for other ppl. Lucky I've already got my own boots , but I have to wait for my family. My brother couldn't stand the cold , so we are like always in out the cafe and of course keep eat. Must be the weather I guess , it makes us eat HELL ALLOT !
Okay , lets enjoy the pictures instead.

Hot chocolate really help us to get warm , love it!
Snow ball fight , yeaaaaaaaahh ~
The snow only came when we were almost back. And it was only for like 10minutes.
But great experience and also the picture look so nice with the snow!
Love it ! ! !