Thursday, November 1, 2018

Here Bar KL

So here goes my Halloween night. Spend the night at this awesome new hidden bar in KL. The theme of the night is glow in dark. I were amaze by the everything here. The entrance is a fridge door , the drinks is affordable,the wall art is AMAZING! Not to mention they have beer pong too. Last minute make up I could think of is cat make up & did it myself & the glow in dark touch up is by the make up artist there. 
Here Bar KL 
Around Kuchai lama area.
Address: Jalan Riang Ria 8, Taman Gembira, 

57100 Kuala Lumpur,

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Iron Fairies ,Trec KL

 This is such a excellent place the atmosphere is very nice , very well displayed and designed. Really quite enchanting decor for a bar,nothing like I've seen before. Definitely good ambiance. We went on Wednesday night & there is very less people but it's good because we can choose our seat & the service is good too. The interior is worth seeing and each table has a large pool of literal iron faeries in the center . For the drinks I find it reasonable but nothing to shout out for. Great vibe , great music they have butterfly room which have different settings & they have live band too. 

 I would say is a great place to chill. 
My BFF is cooler than yours .

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Afternoon tea @ Four Season Hotel , KL

New high tea place at Four Season Hotel , KL so we decided to check it out. Cafe Lounge is comfortable and cozy with window views of KLCC. Food is very good. I usually don't like scones but their scones is good! Scones is very light & fluffy. The 2 of us shared one tray and its reasonably priced at RM115 & if you have CIMB platinum they have 10% discount. Not sure the promotion until when but still worth trying! 
Keep calm , it just me & my pretty bff selfie here.
  The Lounge offers high tea from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

The Lounge @ Four Seasons Hotel KL
Tel: +603 2382 8888

Sunday, September 16, 2018

High tea @ Element KL

It's the long overdue high tea session with dearest Mummy. Brought little one together since she's been behaving well today. Totally dint expect she had soooo much fun & in such a good mood! So we went to Element, Kuala Lumpur for high tea. It is famous for their dessert which is one of the most unique afternoon teas in KL! Personally I don't like the dessert but do appreciate their effort. My girl love it so much because it has marshmallow & lots of chocolate sauce.  

Had so much good time today! I guess it must be long since we 3 had our high tea together. 
had so much good time! Even chit chatting with the chef.
3 generations here .
Your smile & laughter is my best medicine!
Lovely OOTD picture of the day.
Thank you little one for standing still for this picture .

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Evening well spent!

Headed to Setia Eco Park for an evening walk & bicycle ride for the kids.  
 What can I say? A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. A well spent day brings happy sleep. I look at you & I see joy and hope. I will be your biggest fan as you grow up & live your life. Your mum will be right here,always! Right now,in this moment ,I hold you in my arms and I'm so proud over the fact that you're mine. I will work hard & give my best to you both. As your smile & laughter is my life motivation. 
Lovely matching OOTD 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Agape family walk 2018

Agape family walk at Selangor turf club host by Celine's kindergarten. It is meaningful charity event to raise fund for the World Vision. 1.8km walk at the Selangor turf club. Glad that we took part on this event , it's our first time here at turf club. The most crucial is able to create opportunities to spend time together and have some good family bonding! 
Her best friend! Finally mummy get to meet you :)
Ending with all the kids singing "What a wonderful world"
Really feel so warm & loved!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Lego land Johor @ Malaysia

I always wanted to bring my kids for a family day at theme park. Disney land is too far & expensive. So I guess I should try somewhere nearer & basic first. Perfect fun times for the little ones but not for me as it's very tiring due to the hot sun. I was here 5 years ago & all I can see is the place is very run down. They need to improve the maintenance as they are caring the famous brand ''LEGO". Rides are mostly for kids , teenagers will find it lame. It isn't crowded as we thought so it is good that we don't have queue for the rides. Despite my son is only 3 years old , there so certain rides doesn't meet his height , he is still enjoying so much.  Adults will find it tiring like me as most of the time was walking point to point under the hot sun and not much shelter for rest. Not to mention the food is very expensive and very limited choices. However we only go to the theme park maybe next time we should try wet park. I heard it is much more interesting compare to the theme park.

Overall my kids did behave well they did go super excited but luckily not crazy as I imagine but because of the hot weather I guess everyone is super tired & dehydrating. I think cold season to Disney land will be perfect! At least I don't have to run around under the hot sun with them. Next destination I think HK Disneyland with the kids will be no problem since they behave so well. Although I've been to Disney like so many times , bring my kids to Disney land is really A DREAM COME TRUE to me. I guess this is what motherhood calls , I am so eager to see their expression & happy faces when they meet their Disney character in live. OMG !