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Arriving Loei Province , Thailand
So did you have a great time during your Chinese New Year 2017? I did and infect is my little girl first oversea trip with us!  Yes , its her first airplane experience! I've been telling her for weeks and indeed she is very excited. Thorough the whole holiday she has been so good. God bless!

This time we are going to Loei. Wondering where is that? Loei is located at Thailand , in the north  borders of Vientiane Province of Laos. It is also the coldest place in Siam with beautiful flowers of three season. Loei Province is 520 kilometres from Bangkok. We took Malindo flight to BKK and then domestic flight to Loei (1hr)
7a.m and our journey begin
Travel with Wifi is a must if you travel. Click the below link to find our more about the price.
Little happy girl.
Look at her exiting face. Worth it!
Loei is not a tourist place. You cant get tuk-tuk here. We rent a car for our 2 nights stay at Loei. You can simply rent at airport or place your booking online for about less than RM150 / day. We move about using Waze.
First stop at Phu Ruea National Park .  The forests of Phu Rua National Park are a mix of pine trees, rock gardens, and wild flowers such as roses and orchids. Phu Ruea is said to be the coldest spot in Thailand. It was 19 Celsius when we're there. We went straight for the summit. You can hike it I believe, but we chose to drive up. Phu Ruea is cold all year. So you should bring a jacket. The view is simply breathtaking! Seeing more than 180 degrees of panoramic view from the summit, and as far as the eye can see with a view into neighboring Laos. We even catch the sun set.

Parked our car and took the pickup truck service to the top.
Every corner you could have photo shoot without other people in the frame.
Definitely a nice place for nature lovers.

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Han Han 2yr old birthday celebration
It is that time of the year again.  7th January 2017. It’s your birthday and you’re two!
Happy 2nd birthday to my handsome baby boy, Vayne Chew ( Han Han )

Two years ago you were born, now look at you and all you’ve learned. You laugh and play and learn in your own special way. I am so so thankful for you, and for the joy you bring not only into your mama’s life, but your papa’s and your sister’s as well.  we hope you never forget what love we all feel for you. and we hope you always live your life with that contagious energy you seem to never run out of from dawn until bedtime every day. I have to say, the funniest moment of this year was when you started making faces at the mirror.
Happy 2nd birthday! 
You are twice as wonderful as you were last year!

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2016 Merry Christmas Gathering
Christmas is a magical time. It tends to bring back happy memories of family or friends gatherings .It's Christmas eve today , we book an apartment at Bukit Jalil for our Christmas celebration. Only Rm350 per night for 3 rooms. Place can host up to 15 people as the dining area is spacious. Not to mention I love their swimming pool. Too bad couldn't enjoy longer because it was raining.  Fastest and easiest way to prepare the food is by calling for fast food delivery. Hahaha.....

What can be better than opening presents , eating food and singing Christmas songs? We had Dominos pizza for our dinner and beers / liquor for our games session.
 Pizza overload
with the pretties
Friends are like Christmas lights. Some are broke, others just don't work for you, and there are others that make your day shine bright.

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Happy 4th year Wedding Anniversary !
When a man can listen to a woman's feelings without getting angry and frustrated , he give her a wonderful gift. He makes it safe for her express herslf. The more she is able to express her self , the more she feels heard and understood and the more she is able to give a man the loving trust , acceptance , appreciation , admiration , approval and encouragement that he needs. Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!

 No one else would understand our relationship, and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do. Thank you for being there, especially when times get difficult. I love you and Happy Anniversary, hubby!  You’re the cheese to my macaroni.
Make her your everything in front of everyone every time
Thanks for everything ❤️ really dint expect all this from you today! 


Happy 27th birthday my love!
Today is my handsome husband’s birthday. We’re celebrating 27yrs of him being present in this world. Isn’t fun that our birthdays are days apart so we can always celebrate together? PS. I still stumble over myself when I use the words “my husband.”. Weird and lovely. You wake up and conquer each day with a strong will and determination. I am so grateful for all of the hours, hard work,and sleepless nights you endure for us and our future. The way that you make time for your family is something that I cherish in this busy day and age.

Happy Birthday to the most kind-hearted and thoughtful husband alive. Loving you is always easy! 老公,你是世界上最幸福的男人!有一个爱你的老婆守着对你一生一世的承诺,每一年的今天陪你一起走过!亲爱的,生日快乐!

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Girls weekend @ THE FACE Suite , KL

Happy Friday! Keep calm it's girls weekend!

We book THE FACE SUITE thru Airbnb and we get a  really good deal. Nice place , amazing view , clean rooms & affordable. I will definitely coming back here for house party! Some people become just friends, other becomes good friends and then we have best friends. Best friends are the ones with whom we go very well, we can share the craziest of thing, look ugly and keep calling each other with the most embarrassing and weird names. It's the four of us again and I know we will laugh crazily until our stomach hurts. Love being with them , we always do crazy things together. Talking and arguing over something that dont even make sense. To be able to find friends that have the mental disorder as you is priceless!
 Good times and crazy friend make the best memories
I love my crazy, goofy, stupid, gorgeous, weird, lame, socially challenged friends.

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Family holiday @ Club Med ,Cherating.

My parents are always the loyal fans of club med due to their all-inclusive concept. They've been there 5 years back and decided to bring us for this trip together.This holiday was me & hubby first Club Med experience with both of our children. I really can not speak highly enough of what a great time we had. The food was excellent with a huge variety on offer.  Bringing two small kids makes use no time to go for jungle walks to the beach and sailing or kayaking and that is a waste. We should have stay longer instead to enjoy all the facilities. Our stay here in the club was very enjoyable despite the rainy time.

According to my parents the hotel itself is running down a little, and apparently a face-lift would be very much helpful to enhance the guest experience.The rooms were smaller than we thought. I guess they don't encourage you to stay in the room too much because they have variety of activities and shows. 

The Club Med Experience can be whatever you want, relaxing, partying, playing, eating whatever you like can be accommodated. 
Try to request for a room that's nearer the trapeze area so you don't have to walk too much.

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