Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to me !

Yes , today is my birthday . Therefore I will be treated like a Queen.

I really love the theme of this restaurant.  Felt like I'm in some fairy tale secret enchanted garden as I entered. Nice place if you planning for girls party (baby shower, birthday parties etc)and apparently they can cater for any majlis. Buffet spread available if your guests are >30 pax and above. The decoration was unique and nice. Set up was good. Nice environment. However, the food was just average...the food presentation and taste somehow was very average, just does not match the setting and name. 

Could have done better in improving quality and taste of food.
Thank you for today . For all the cards and gifts 

All the tokens of love that remind me of how I am loved and appreciated. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Celine!

Cute and pretty, beautiful and lovely. Charming and bubbly, innocent and friendly. Dear daughter, you are all of the above, endless for you is our love. I still remember cuddling you in my arms and singing you a lullaby. But seeing you so grown up makes me realize how time flies. 
 To my daughter… our relationship has had its share of ups and downs, but the best part is that hugs always follow frowns. 
As parents we couldn’t have has for anything more, than a daughter who we simply adore. In our lives we never have a bad day, because your smiles wipe all our sorrows away. 

Happy Birthday my Princess!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Birthday celebration at Nursery ♥

Its your first birthday with all friends. Have fun at your party!

You turned three today. Do you know what that means? You are three times a little lady! I hope you will stay as cute and bubbly as ever. Can’t wait to go shopping with you.

You may be a kid, but you affected so many lives already. You are our little angel who always turn a bad day to a day full of sunshine. Your laugh is infectious! I hope you will continue spreading good cheers to people around you as you grow old.

You are a little star making our days brighter!
Happy birthday sweetie pie