Monday, November 28, 2011

Hennessy Artistry BIGGEST party OF 2011!

Hennesy Artistry BIGGEST part of 2011 !
Landy Wen & Park Jung Min adds to an already star-studded line up which includes Yolanda Be Cool, Chris Willis, DJ Goldfish & Blink at “The Global Art of Mixing’s” big bash on
November 12, 2011 @ MIECC.Yeaa baby , I am one of winner from Facebook. The Top200 lucky winner from FB. Thank you very much & I'm entitle to bring 3 more friends with me. Brought my Bestie of course & also my beloved Dear. Its his birthday today. That is just so Awesome! and he tag his brother along. The party started at 8pm and we were there at 9pm. The queue was kinda long already.
Look at the amount of the photographer & reporter !
All the Miss ' s . . . . . . .
Here we are as one of the celebrity too . Ha ha ha ~With Australian mega electronic duo, Yolanda Be Cool, American singer, songwriter and producer, Chris Willis, and local superstar DJs, Goldfish and Blink already penned in for what could arguably be the biggest party of 2011, the upcoming Hennessy Artistry.“The Global Art of Mixing” will also be featuring Taiwanese songstress, Landy Wen and Korean superstar, Park Jung Min (of Korean boy band SS501 fame) that is sure to bring to life H-Artistry’s innovative approach of blending together different musical genres from the East and West.
First performance by Park Jung Min , a korean star that cause all the girls there shouting & screaming high & low! The girl standing next to me was screaming non-stop , I couldn't feel my ear for a moment. If Park Jung Min touches her hand , I bet she will faint on me straight !Next is , Landy Wen from Taiwan. This is what I waited for , seeing her in real life. A bit disappointment , she looks very old then what I've thought. A bit disappointed that she doesn't sing much her hit song. In addition, she sing an emo song, Sa Gua (傻瓜) and she tears! Anyway she is known for her sweet voice, hot looks and great acting! She performed her popular hits and now, you could see the guys all going GAGA over her!Park Jung Min & Landy did a duet song , they both sang a song called " Tong hua "
and they manage to bring the whole crowd sing with them too!
Next is Chris Willis from USA. His amazing vocals hyped up the crowd
as he sang his songs such as
"Love is Gone".
Finally Yolando be Cool and DJ Goldfish and Blink was up on the stage and
blast our night all the way till 2am.

The party went on all night by the awesome killer tracks played by the 2 amazing DJ Duos!we all had a good good night !
It was a blast event!
It was the biggest Hennessy Artistry of the year of 2011!
and im totally so happy & glad on that night , to be here with my Bestie & Dear !
Nothing could be so perfect like tonight !!!