Tuesday, October 27, 2009

♥ Tokyo Disney Land.

東京ディズニーランド Tokyo Disney Land is a 115 acre theme park at Japan. There are seven themed areas, each complementing each other yet unique in their style. Made up of the World bazaar. The four classic Disney lands, Adventureland , Westernland , Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. They also have two mini lands which is Critter country and Mickey Toontown.Tokyo Disneyland is filled with people through the year. It seems like there is no off-season there,trust me. I was there Monday and it was hell packed! Both adults and children enjoy the fun in Tokyo Disneyland.

The Cinderella castle , you have to line up to take picture at the those hot spot.

This is all the Character that I have chance to take picture with them. Mickey and other friends were too famous , have to line up to take picture and the queue is damn long! So I dint wait for it,as usual I'm impatient.

behind me is the Mickey toontown. Most of the building there were in mini size. Cute!

Everything starting to become the a dream come true when it comes to the nite. With those amazing lighting they call it Dream light. So magic so wonderful.
They have night parade too,mostly to show the lighting. OMG , you have to see this. Its damn pretty nice wonderful ~
Chilling around at one of the cafe there , which they serve bun's and drink's only. Chilly weather and nice lighting,great spot to spend your time. We order some bun and drink,while waiting for the parade to start.

Taa dah ~ Mickey chocolate muffin.

Here's the night Parade.

That's all for my entire Tokyo stories. Hope you don't feel its a lame post,cause I'm not good in writing. All the best to everyone =)
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

♥ Tokyo Disney Sea.


Sorry I broke my promise. I should have post it on Friday , my bad! Sorry ~
Okay , are you ready to hear all about my Tokyo Disney Trip? This post will fully loaded with picture instead of wordings.
It was a massive 2nights there, I enjoyed it so much. Everything was a blast! The first day we went to Disney Sea. So I'm gonna blog about Tokyo Disney Sea first. We took train to Disney. and also changed 2 different of train. The journey to Disney from Ikebukuro was about 40minutes plus minus.in the train with Daddy ♥

Our ride to our Hotel , Mickey bus

We stay at Sheraton Grande. Its really kinda Grand ~
The room was big ,it has 4bed. So one of us each,but too bad not much time to enjoy the bed. Was very tired and not enough sleep.
Sheraton welcome Penguin , such a cutie ~
by the way , the Little girl there , don't want to move away and let me take picture. So just capture her too.

東京ディズニーシー (Disney Sea) , is a 176arce located in Urayasu , Chiba Japan.
Do you know that Tokyo Disney Sea is also the most expensive theme park ever built , estimated to have cost over US $4 billion! Wow ~
No wonder the entrance fees its kinda pricey. Anyway believe me , it is worth for that pay.
There are seven uniquely themed areas or "ports of call". The entrance to the park is Mediterranean Harbor, which opens up to six more nautically themed ports, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island. Its HUGE!
Look at those food they sell there.
Spotted this Little Tinkerbell , wanted to take pic with her , but she was not in the good mood. She is way too cute! Look like mix.

Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea are running special Halloween themed events from September 10th through November 3rd, 2009. Both will feature popular Disney characters in special Halloween costumes, but the two parks have different attractions
Tokyo Disney Sea’s Halloween event is a Venetian-style masquerade near the famous “Tower of Terror” attraction. The main masquerade show will be held four times daily. There will also be a masquerade dance with audience members twice daily and a masquerade greeting by Disney characters once per day. Believe me , it was damn pack! Al tho we were there at Monday.
Okay let's enjoy the picture instead of me talking so much here ,

Happy spooky Halloween!

That's all folks ~
I'm done with my Disney Sea post next will be Disney Land more picture coming soon. I'm not so good in writing , anyway hope you all enjoy reading it.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tokyo Oct'09


I'm back, my beloved friends !
And here is my late update for my Tokyo,Japan trip. Okay here how it goes ~ hope you enjoy reading it .
On the Oct 7th we flew to Spore via SQ transit to Tokyo the same night but we were stranded in Spore due to Typhoon Melor hitting Japan. All the flights to Japan Osaka , Nagoya & Tokyo were re-scheduled. Due to this re-scheduling , we had wasted a day in Tokyo and hence , we had to forgo Mt. Fuji and Dad had to re-organized the itinerary. But luckily SQ provided us accommodation and also breakfast,so we spend a night in Spore. The hotel was Great! I will give 4/5.
Okay stop talking about the transit. Our Tokyo trip was 1week. We spend 3nights staying at Sakura Hotel , Ikebukuro.

That is near to all the top places such as Ginza , Shibuya , Harajuku & Shinjuku. We took train all the time , guess what? I tough the train will be a mess but it turn out pretty well. Thank to my beloved Daddy , he did all the homework months ago before we went for the trip. Cause according to him the train were much more complicated then Malaysia. Cause they have different type of company Train,and if u take company 'A' train u cant take company train 'B' to go back. but anyway he did all the homework,and we mange it very well.
Moving around Tokyo with the Keisei Sky liner & Metro Pass makes it so easy but of course costly anyway It is very easy and successful! Well , everything in Tokyo is expensive.
For the first 3day at Tokyo we do sightseeing. Well , the first day we went to Tokyo tower,and I was like. Is that the Tokyo tower? Ermm..kinda disappointed. Cause it looks much more old and nothing special plus doesn't look like a tower to me.
Above the picture is the Tokyo tower that I mention, nothing much right?
Second we went to Sensoji Temple , one of the oldest temple in Tokyo. Later we headed to The imperial Palace & park. Then Monja street , famous for Pancakes. Not like our pancakes. Their pancakes are with rice and lots of cabbages.


Monja Street.
The 2nd day , we went to Tsukiji Jogai market,Japan largest wholesale fish market. Where we can see those suppper dupppper extremely huge fish for auction. But too bad we went there around 10am , and the auction place already close. So we just visit the market, Sashimi . . . What can I say?? yummmmy ....
And the Ebiko its much more bigger then those we see at Malaysia! Got shock when I saw it. If u eat a lot , u will starting to feel yucky ~ cause it has stronger taste compare those we eat at Malaysia or Singapore.
Me and Bro tried this Salmon and Ebiko with rice and some egg.

Its a dessert , cold egg which taste sweet. Nice!

Other then fish , their fruits are Huge and also Damn pricy! 1 fruit may cost about RM10-Rm50 + !
After the fish market we went to Tokyo metropolitan Govt.Building to vie the entire Tokyo city from 45th floor of the observation deck. All i see is building , and many of them. And last we went to Shibuya 109 , Latest trend in Fashion. I just window shopped , spotted Liz Lisa , moussy , SLY , Cecil Mcbee , Jill Stuart , Cher , Sword Fish and much more. All the shirt cost Rm200 the cheapest. If you shop at Shopping mall , the shirt all cost Rm500 the cheapest ! So I just window shopped.
Okay the 3rd day , we went to Ueno Ameyayokocho , so called candy street but I dint see any Candy there. Just a normal morning market. Something nice happen there , 1 time play and I won this Rillakumma Soft Toy! Such a cutie .. love it !

Next Meiji Jingu Shrine and then we went to Takeshita Street at Harajuku. That is the place were they had costume play. You will see a lot of Japanese people wear different kind of costume along the Takeshita street. From Lolita , punk to Gothics. And the street ,loaded with lots of people. Almost faint! Ohh yar,I manage to shop there. Bought 2pair of earrings and 1 long sleeve shirt.
The last destination is Ginza , uptrend and branded labels in Fashion. The shirt cost about RM1k up up up. Most of them are Japan brand , so I kinda don't know them. If Gucci , Chanel or LV cost about that price I can accept , but those unknown brand I see what 55DSL , Murua , La Celeb and much more.... cost RM1k and above. So i did a lot of Window Shopping there , which end up with leg pain and dint bought anything.
Did I mention about the time there , we late then them about 1hr. Around 5pm their place already look like out 8pm. So I had early dinner , and that cause me to have 5meals a day instead of 4meals a day. The mall all close at 8pm ! And I only sleep at midnight , so poker with brother and also eat lots of tit-bits! Gooshh ~ I think I gain a lot during this trip.

Donut for breakfast. too creamy ,not my type of taste.
My dinner , pork meat with egg and rice.

Nice and healthy sandwiches for my Tea time.

Chocolate cake for my supper.

love this picture so much
Beloved Mummie
Below is some stuff that I bought from Tokyo trip. Nothing much actually cause dint really shop,since it so expensive. But my RM1k just fly away . . . .
Don't know spend it at where,I only bought 1 shirt and 2 earrings other is tit-bits for friends.
Guess what? in their 7eleven , they sell Kose product just like that. At 7eleven & their Watson. They sell Kose & Fancl face wash product. Not cosmetic. Compare to our place , they sell it at counter.
Bought a Kose clear white mask , Kose whitening night essence and Tsubaki Conditioner. I have to say this Conditioner is the best I ever used. Should have buy more! regret ~
Cutie short pants warmer. Such a cutie, I see back home don't sell this so bought a few as souvenir. Also bought 1 for my self.

Bought this packet of cigarette. Thin and slim mainly for girl. I bought it because the Lighter is so damn CHIO! Its from SLY, quit famous brand in Japan , which in Vivi magazine also have the brand. Am I right? the lighter is so damn Pretty!

♥ 's !
That's all for Tokyo post , next is Disney post! Good nite and sweet dream all =)tired . . .