Saturday, October 22, 2011

AX 20th Anniversary !

So here I am at the AX 20th Anniversary Party! So happy I wont the consolation , because it gave me the chance to experience this party for the first time. It was an AWESOME PARTY after all ! I’m so glad I came with my Bestie because we both don't even know any of people here, I wouldn’t feel secure enough just going by myself.
The entrance is already eye catching !
Okay, everyone here is super cute. Duh. Twentysomethings are usually babes. It’s hard to screw that up. All of the girls are dressed like models and dolls. Althouhgt some of them are really models. Ohh gosh , Im just so excited . . . . I need a drink!
We dont always fit in with the crowd but we still stand proud and we stand together and we dont care what other people say we go our own. True way that works a whole lot better and you are my best friend forever we wont ever let that end no never happen.
Enjoy the fashion show with AXX little cute cup cakes !
By the way , feel free to check this out ?
Relive the experience of the A|X 20th anniversary party on Oct 14th @ KL, Live!

Gorgeous light and an incredibly Beautiful little lady.
Manage to take some pictures with the models too.
Goooosh , can you see the different?! The height !!!
Thanks to those who voted for me in the competition! Although I just got the consolation but you all make tonight happen for both of us! We enjoyed it very much !
Oh Bestie you look incredible and so happy! I loooooove all these photos !

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen, Pavilion

Its a lovely day out with my beloved dear. Went to Pavilion for movie & dinner. This time we went to Hokkaido Santouka Ramen for our dinner. First time there because mum intro me and she said it was nice althouight its kinda pricy. So we decided to have a try. Hokkai Santouka Ramen was established in 1988 in Asahikwa , Hokkaido and now its in Pavilion! Isn't it AWESOME?
I had their Shio Ramen because its their signature ramen which is mild and creamy soup seasoned with salt. It look plain to me , but once it entered to my mouth. Its amazing! I only can say WOW , the soup and the pork is just AMAZING! The ramen here comes in 3 sizes S , M and L. We both choose the S size because we still wanna have our dessert later. The price is about RM22. Advised to pick M size since the price different is only RM3 with two pieces of pork instead of 1.

and he had Miso Ramen. Miso Ramen soup is made from a mixture of pork broth and a rich hearty miso paste. They use different pork broth than the Shio Ramen to bring out the miso flavour. Beware if you are going to try this out , dont go at peak hours like dinner or lunch time. The queue will just make you don't feel like waiting because is just too long. We went there around 5.30pm and there is no queue. Enjoyed our dinner so much , especially me , because I just love Ramen!

I really enjoy my Shio ramen allot , I like it so much! Thinking about it right now just make my saliva dropping and make me want to go KL right this instant. Anyway the queue sometimes can be real long , waiting time is about 15-30minutes but for you ramen I will return and WAIT!

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka,
Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.