Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hubby I♥U but this is IMPORTANT too!

 Quality Time 
Most couples spend a lot of time together especially during the 1st few months of getting together, a.k.a the Honeymoon Period – but how much of it can be considered quality time? It really isn’t quality time just by being physically present beside each other. Quality time is time set aside to pay undivided attention to each other or doing things together that both of you love without any distractions or interruptions – yes that includes putting your phones and other less immediate tasks aside.

To be heard
When your woman rants to you it does not always mean she is complaining/whining about the nitty gritty stuff in life, and she does not need you to reinforce that by shutting her off or challenging her into an argument. She is probably already feeling very vulnerable and the last thing she wants is to be misunderstood. All she requires you to do is to acknowledge what she says and respond according to her emotions. Sometimes there’s no need for you to even talk.

Consistency breeds trust and reliability in a relationship. Know why you fell in love with her in the first place. Was it the way she looked? Was it something she did that touched you? Treat her the exact way you did when you went after her and when you started dating her. Women usually feel that the other party has changed because he stopped showing certain gestures that he used to always show (e.g buying her flowers, sending her home, saying “I love you” everyday) just because he has ‘gotten’ her.

Monday, September 1, 2014

海底捞火锅 HaiDiLao Hot Pot @ Clarke Quay

So we are here at Singapore to attend wedding luncheon and we also stayed a night here. I read lots of good review how amazing is this hot pot , so we decided to check it out.This popular steamboat chain from China has opened its first overseas outlet in Singapore. Food served is the typical Sichuan style hot pot with a selection of meats, vegetables and sauces.  The prices are quite ok in China mainland, but it's a quite expensive for us as a steamboat restaurant. This might be how they position different from others. From the good rating and peers recommendation, quality food and excellent service are the unique selling points. Especially when you go there and wait outside. They offer free flow and snacks , free manicure and games for you to spend time. Just the waiting time is way too long.
 Free flow snacks
Kids play area while waiting for your table to be served.
Free manicure too!
 We ordered vegetable , pork and mutton slice and noodle. Our bil came to about RM250.
Check out the noodle dance! It was more than the dance, the taste and consistency of the noodle was excellent .
Worth the try , the soup is amazing. The ordering using the iPad kinda, is pretty cool. Their service is AWESOME! They treated me so special when they knew I was pregnant , they even put a special cushion for me to sit and even ask me , want warm drinks they can prepare specially for me. Also we waited 1hr until they realize I was pregnant , and they straight find me a table immediate. They said , pregnant lady should have priority. I should say that I'm pregnant , cause they hardly notice my tummy because it was small.