Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TBC Cafe @ Dataran Pahlawan , Melaka

Those who love teddy bear then you all should come here. It is very good place to hangout and chitchatting only because food is average and limited choice only. The giant teddy bear at the entrance is the great attraction! there are also teddy bears in all shapes, sizes and colours at the seats, pillars, etc. the giant teddy bear at the entrance is the great attraction! there are also teddy bears in all shapes, sizes and colours at the seats, pillars, etc.
Very normal waffle , like those you can buy in pasar malam.
TBC Cafe
Lot F3-021 | F3-022, Level 3, Terminal Pahlawan,Melaka 75000Malaysia

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend gateway with girls @ Philea Resort & Spa,Melaka.

Life is short , so I'm letting them go with best wishes and allowing myself to truly enjoy the companionship of my other friends. Therefore , we plan a short girls trip during the weekend. Rent a relax resort and have fun with our day relaxing and enjoying chit chatting. Making memories with FRIENDS is not a waste of time. It's a lifetime moment that will surely TREASURE when a old age comes. Outer look of the environment looks peaceful and quiet retreat stay, we have relaxing time . Except for the room lights its a bit dark.  Expensive but good experience like living in the jungle. Even though the hotel is by the roadside but it is surrounded by trees/forest. u wont noticed any noisy sound from the road. 
A nice and quiet place for a retreat if you wanna isolate yourself from the city life. you get a feel like living in the woods. trees, plants, waterfall, butterflies. just great. room is clean, the authentic wood smell can be quite troubling if you're not used to that scent.
Telling stories and laughing with friends: precious moments you'll never forget.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

The first Hello Kitty cafe in Malaysia. I am so excited when I saw the renovation going on. Cant wait for the opening and now finally I'm here. Really disappointing such a nice cute cafe but with super poor management. A total disappointment to visit.  First, You need to decide what you want to eat before being seated. There's ground and upper floor where mains are served at upper floor and desserts are at ground. I waited for 30 minutes for my food to arrive and the price is kinda pricey. RM25 for a slice a cake??? 
The shape caught my attention but it taste sooooo normal.
The food portion was so small and not nice at all .
This is nice but not worth for the money. RM25 for a slice a cake????
Overall, I think the most important thing for this cafe is for them to improve their service. Some of the staff really showed their attitude. I believe people can tolerate on the food at theme's cafe. I hope the restaurant will do something before it's too late. you are 'scaring' your customers away. For a kitty lover like me , you are scaring me away too.