Monday, October 29, 2012

Restaurant Veng Soon BEST claypot chicken rice!

 Weekend day out , food hunting. Actually this is not really food hunting , I brought him here to try this out. Their claypot chicken rice and vegetables with oyster sauce is the reason why my family has been loyal customers since I was a kid! One of the great Claypot chicken rice in PJ Old Town and also the only one I eat. Restaurant Veng Soon has a typical kopitiam set up with a pretty clean environment. Parking is a real problem here so quite a lot of people double park, so be warned.
Wide variety of soups as well! Awesome!
but I always had the same one only , that is "coconut chicken" soup. It's a special presentation of the soup. The coconut husk is the container of the soup. The soup is always tasty and sweet with their herbs in it. I like it very much and the chicken is always very smooth and soft.
Claypot Chicken Rice comes in big and small size. You can add extra chicken or salted fish too.
As for the vege , it taste very good too. Very fresh vegetable I've ever had so far. This restaurant never failed me once! I came here since I was a kid with my family and their taste until today is just still the same. The generous portion and fresh vegetable never failed me once!

Location :
F19, Jalan 1/21 (PJ Old Town), Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46000, Malaysia

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hajime Robot Restaurant @ Bangkok.

Totally forget to blog about this cool restaurant. Hajime robot restaurant located at Bangkok. This place is a must for those who are partial to Shabu Shabu or Tepanyaki.Its very cheap also , only about RM39 , you can eat all you can and also experience the robot serving you. Entrance to the restaurant inside monopoly park on the 3rd floor. By the way: You can reach the restaurant by using the outside stairs on the right side.
It’s Japanese style and yummy. You can either choose to do individual orders or take the Shabu (boiling soup) or BBQ set (they call the sets “buffet” although the robot will serve you). Both these sets also include several Sushi dishes to be ordered. The sets are “all you can eat”.
The HAJIME ROBOT RESTAURANT stands out because it employs adorable, human-like robots to take over serving duties. The robots not only perform their duties as servers, they also star as the eatery’s entertainers, dancing to pop music, in all their gangly glory.
The robots are outfitted with snazzy armor, similar to that of ancient Japanese Samurai warriors, going about their chores and serving food to us mere humans. As the menu is computer-based, the diners can conveniently order directly from the touch-screen device attached to every single table. Soon after your orders are placed, the “Hajime Robot” will be bringing trays of food to your table without you having to call for any staff. Just place your orders by touching the screen and the food will be on its way. It is that simple!
Food arrived !

Oooppps , I was looking very pale on that day because lazy to put on make up and lens.
Love their garlic fried rice , I had 3 bowl!
I ensure the freshness that you can taste, with the selection of big fresh shrimp for Shabu style dining. My brother ordered almost 10plates of this!!!! CRAZY!!!
Dancing time !!!
Frozen yogurt.
both of them is enjoying the shrimp and eating non stop!!
Refilling the soup , we had a clear soup and also tomyam soup.
Lastly had our fruits.
Satisfying dinner , cheap and also first experience being served by the robot. 
You can have a try if you are at Bangkok its only RM30-40 to experience and also eat all you can.
Address : Monopoly Park, 59/27 Rama 3 Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY breakfast together

 It is fun doing things together with your love one or friends. Now a days , during the weekend we both always stay at home eat and just watch drama together. Last Sunday we decide to make breakfast together. Its really fun spending time together doing silly stuff. I love you baby boo!
Here is me , doing bread aka pizza. Baked with cheese , and some ham and spices.
and here is him , washing and cutting all the vegetable to make salad.
Wahh lah , our breakfast is SERVED! French fries to eat while watching drama. Sandwich and baked bread as our breakfast. Fresh milk for a healthy start. Sorry for the bad quality picture , taken by iPhone4
I feel so happy around you. When you are not with me, it is your memories that brighten up my gloomy days.  Life is not worth living without you. You make me complete. I love you so much. I thank God for blessing me with your love. All the words in the world would also fail to describe what we share between us. All I can say is, always love me the same way forever. I love you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Miko bday dinner @ Jogoya Starhill

 Okay this has been delay almost a month. Its Miko birthday on the 20 September.
All her close friend were invited for the birthday dinner at Jogoya Starhill. 
Due to some unfortunate happen me & Bestie arrive there late. We also dont have the appetiate to had our dinner or supper. Everything was plan and we already get dress up for it. But something just happen. . . ..  so our mood were bad. Before we leave , we took few picture just for memories of the day.
 A picture with Besie and also Elis baby.
 Group picture of course , with all the girls.
They have next round , but me and Bestie dint join. We wanted to go home immediately.
Everything is over now , although is a bad day but I should be happy that we are both safe. 
That's all that matters !

Saturday, October 13, 2012

BKK trip with family 2012

 Everyone must be thinking why I am going to Bangkok so often. Just last month I went Bangkok with boyfie and his family and now this month with my family again. Well all I can say , my family trip is pre-booked much earlier for the zero fair price air ticket. That's why I can travel so often , because daddy always online and booked all those cheap fair like one year before we travel. We love to stay at different hotel or apartment when we travel every year , so this time we stayed at Anantara Bangkok Sathorn. Okay the place is about 15minutes away from the cities , that's why I'm so not used to it. Last time we used to walk every where or just take their BTS . This time we have to take taxi where ever we go , with the Bangkok traffic jam. Goooosh , it does not only take 15minute to reach!
 Bangkok offers plenty of very good hotels at reasonable prices. The Anantara in Sathorn is one of them. It has a stylish touch, bit of design flavor. A little bit outside the center, but then the metro is just 100m away, taking you anywhere.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn’s rooms and suites make the most of this fantastic location with incredible panoramic views across the downtown city. The impeccably designed 37 floor twin tower structure contains the finest in Bangkok hotel services.
Relax in total seclusion from the bustling city outside on the sun soaked pool deck with infinity edge swimming pool.

hotel had great clean big comfortable rooms with a separate lounge and kitchen dining area, very modern with Hugh windows and small balcony. The bathroom was equally stylish with spa bath rain head shower and heaps of room.
Morning breakfast at 100 east. Breakfast was very good with a wide range to suit all guests and in plentiful supply. Eggs, pancakes and waffles cooked to order.
This is the second time I am at Bangkok for a year. So try to control my shopping needs.
Taaaaaaa daaaaaa my SHOPPING conclusion , not so much because this is my second trip.
My only complaints would be the wifi cost, I think in this day and age paying for internet on a daily rate in a 5 star hotel is a bit ludicrous. Normally they should have FREE WIFI for a 5 start hotel.

Thats all for the day , basically I just wanna share the hotel with you all.
Have a nice day !

Friday, October 12, 2012

♥ day out

Its been months since we last went out also its been months since we had Sushi Zanmai together. Boyfie suddenly craving for sushi's so we decided to go for a movie and had our dinner at Sushi Zanmai.I also just realize its been long since we went out together. Now a days we just use to lazz around at home watching drama and playing cooking together. So today I brought my BabyYellow out with us!
Look at yellow expression ,so cute! Gosh , I think no one could understand what I meant.
Okay , we watch Dinisour project and the movie was SUCK! 
and next we had our dinner at Sushi Zanmai. I suddenly crave for the cold noodle , so I ordered that but I taste totally different compare the one I had in Tokyo. Anyway we are in Malaysia. So cant complain much.
my favorite Salmon mentai!! I love the grill salmon so much with the combination of the sauce.
 How could we not ordered our favorite soft shell crab maxi.
iloveyou my future hubby ♥ 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012