Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 - The Peak ,Madame Tussauds & Sky Terrace.

After checking in the hotel & unpacked. Our journey begins to "The Peak"
Took MTR to the Central & then walk to the peak terminus.Only 7 minutes walk , so we decided to walk rather then taxing bus or taxi. Its very easy, because there is signboard all over ,guiding you. The ticket is HK$200 for the peak tram, sky terrace & also the Madame Tussauds museum.You also can just buy ticket for the tram to go up to the peak. I choose the package,because I want to go to the museum & also it cheaper a lil bit.
in the tram , on the way up up up !
The Peak Tram runs every day, including Sundays and public holidays, between 7 a.m. and midnight. Tram departs every 10 to 15 minutes.
We go the Sky Terrace first , but too bad. It was too misty , we couldn't see the view so clearly. Very windy & also cold. Regret wearing dress !
The Hong Kong view .
This is a clearer view , taken in the mall.
Next stop , to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Been very excited to come and now its finally! Madame Tussauds is a celebrity was figures museum. The museum is split into six sections; Hong Kong Glamour, World Premiere, The Champions, Music Icons, and National Heroes, the Scream section is more of a blood and gore theme park ride. My first time to wax museum!
My new beloved daddy mummy , Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
I got to admit I'm really short now !!! Arrggghhh ~
Intro you , my 2 new HK boyfriend =)
New , girl kung-fu fighter !!! Miss Crystal
After walking & taking picture for few hours , its dinner time!
We choose Bubba Gump , since we never try before at Malaysia .
And this is the restaurant view , so nice & romantic! No wonder , we have to wait for almost 30minutes. But no choice , other restaurant are Chinese cuisine and also fully occupied & exp .

So we ordered , a seafood cheese baked rice & also onions rings !!!
The End of Day 1 at Hong Kong.

Reached HK!

Are you excited with my Hong Kong trip post ?
I will slowly update all about it. So our trip begin on the 22 - 26 May 2011.
It's our first trip together. Just the both of us out of the country. Yeeeeepeeeeee HAPPY !
Also our first time to Hong Kong. We dint follow tour, because I don't like all the time rushing & also the factory visiting. So I rather spend more time doing research & plan my own trip. Got some help from dad too, he is the pro. I am so proud of myself. Done everything, very successful ! We dint took taxi , or even lost our way.
Really BIG CLAP to me ! Once again , just G O O G L E ! you can find almost everything !!!
Took 2 weeks time , to finalize all the maps & our time table to Hong Kong. Was very worry at first , but Hong Kong MTR ( Mass Transit Railway ) is very convenient ! If you plan to go Hong Kong too , I recommend you to buy this special airport express ticket only cost you HKD300 included HKD50 refundable deposit , that means the ticket only cost you HKD250 for airport express transfer and also with 3 days unlimited Train service.
Yes, its UNLIMITED !!!!
For more information , please click this Link.
So this is our Airport Express Ticket. First journey, transfer us to Hong Kong Central station .
and finally reach Hong Kong station. Next is to Causeway bay that is where our hotel situated. We stayed at "The Chartered House" only few minutes walk to the nearest MTR Station. Around also have many shops & restaurant . Very convenient! Hotel in Hong Kong are pretty expensive , if you don't wan to spend so much this particular Hotel that I stay is reasonable plus its very convenient to move around. The hotel is also very clean & nice , only about HKD700 per night. Book early , for special promotion or better package.
The mini bar , mini fridge & also TV. All in this mini cabinet. Feel so cute !
We check in round noon & wash up , unpacked everything & start our journey.

Stay tune , my next post !

Monday, May 30, 2011

my 21st Surprise Birthday Celebration !

2 7 M a y 2 0 1 1
Happy 21st Birthday to me !!!

Like I did mention before , I choose not to celebrate my birthday due to some problems , So I decided to spend my birthday money on traveling. Already discuss with my parents & also Viinc , so we went to Hong Kong last week and back on the 26th of May. Back with minor fever & sore throat. Dint plan to celebrate , because I already told them what problem I'm facing. So Viinc called & said he booked Luna Bar , for dinner.

B u t . . . . . . . . . . . .

He pick me up at 9pm , and BoooooooooooOOOmmMMM
suddenly big party is going on his house , and it was to celebrate my birthday !
I got shock , & keep pulling his shirt. No idea , what just happen. All I know , I'm so blurrrrr !!!

I'm blushing , I'm tearing & also heart attacking !
All I wanna say is really THANK YOU for everything you've done for me. For organizing , plan , & also inviting & also to solve my problem that I'm facing . Some small small issue . Although everything very shock & blur to me . I really appreciate ALLOT !

with my two lovelies ! Shareen & Elis
Love my pink kitty & Chanel cake. Design by me , purposely combine two of my favourites together =)

Another heart attack cause by daddy mummy.
They came tooooooo !!! OMG !!!
Dint expect all this to happen , really shocking birthday for me this time.

Okay , here is another attack happen again.
The minute , he walk towards me with this brown huge paper , I already got shock.
and when I opened it , it was my beloved LV bag that I wanted ! Its on my birthday wish list!
Really too good to be true !!!!

All those small small attack , equal to major heart attack when I open mum dad present it was Mac book Air !!! and also Bestie present , Gucci belt from my wish list too!!!
Am I dreaming ? ? ? ? ? ?

This is really a Big Shocking Surprise Birthday Party E V E R !!!!

Thanks for those who came ,
Thanks for all the present ,
Thanks for the so EXP present !

Specially TQ to Dear & his family for organizing & prepare everything .