Saturday, August 25, 2012

Photo shoot done by Cruiser Photography

  Photo shoot done by Cruiser Photography , 28July2012
Love the outcome so much , just like my own fairytale book/album.

When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he's everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot. Fairy tales were not my escape from reality as a child rather, they were my reality for mine was a world in which good and evil were not abstract concepts, and like fairy-tale heroines, no magic would save me unless I had the wit and heart and courage to use it widely.
the making of the photo shooting session , is a bright hot sunny day .
Outfit : lovely dress from Singapore
Heels : Charles &Keith
Make-up : Own-self 
 We spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.
 Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.

Thanks Roger ,
Thanks for the shoot !

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mummy birthday dinner @ Marini's on 57

21 August 2012
The 4 of us gather together to celebrate Mum's birthday. We had some family time together , just the four of us for a dinner and the chosen destination is a new hideout in KL know as MARINI's 57. The latest and most iconic roof-top destination in the city of Kuala Lumpur. MARINI's on 57 , located on level 57 , Menara 3 of Petronas KLCC is a dazzling jewel in the Kuala Lumpur city skyline. The place is famous for the beautiful breath taking sunset view , but too bad we were late on that day. We postponed our dinner to 7:30pm. If you wan to experienced the sunset while having your dinner , I suggest you to make reservation on 6pm.
Me and my beloved mum with an unparalleled view of the city centre , Marini's on 57.
The birthday women .
Daddy choice , Baccala Arrosto ConSalsa Olandese.
grilled cod fillet serve in home-made Hollandnaise sauce.
The birthday Mum choice , Stinco Di' Agnello Al Forno.
braised lamb shank with truffle mashed potato and roasted tomatoes.
Brother choice , Spaghetti Con Gamberi Piccanti.
spaghetti with prawns served with garlic and chilies.
and lastly my choice , Orecchiette Alla Marini.
Martini's orechiette pasta served with smoked duck and truffle oil.
Enjoying my food , I love the food I choose because of the smoked duck. Its very delicious!
Sitting back and savouring our dessert and after-meal drink while beholding a first class view of the KL city skyline.
 A family picture is A MUST  .
Well I can say that the food here is pricey. Price range for the food is RM35 and for drinks is RM25 and above. Our whole dinner cost about RM100+ per pax. I think the price is worth for the beautiful view because the food dint really amazed us. The food was normal , except for my Spaghetti.
 close up of the KLCC.


 Marini's on 57,
Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-2880

Monday, August 13, 2012

massage time with my girls!

Me and my Bestie love massage so much. I mean who doesn't? Its a way to enjoy and feel relax. I know some may feel is a waste of money but once a while we should at least pamper our self. Just last week we went to full body massage together. Really enjoyed it very much because due to my back bone problem , my leg tend to get very tired easily. Numbness and tired legs. That's why I enjoyed massage very much!
Its been decades since I last meet her , Nicko my young mama !!!
Last Saturday night , I hang-out with the girls and we had nothing to do . So we plan for foot reflexology. Saturday night , no clubs , no make-up , no drinking just enjoy our night with foot reflexology moment. Its kinda weird but FUN! 
After the massage we took some silly picture together.
 LOL ~  it's great to have a bunch of lovely friends!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hua Wang Steamed Fish Head , Meru.

Hua Wang steamed fish head at Jalan Meru has been my favorite dinner spot with my family few years back. This time , I decided to bring dear for a try and also wanted to share with you all. Here is famous for their steamed fish head , and sometime it can take up to 45minutes waiting time. But I never wait that long , usually I wait only 5-10minutes because I will go there early to avoid the crowd. I usually go there around 5.30pm. They have various type of steamed fish head such as , Bean paste steamed fish head ,  Ginger steamed fish head , Asam steamed fish head and Spicy steamed fish head.
I've tried everything except the spicy one , because I dont take spicy. As for me , my favorite is still the Asam steamed fish head , I like the sauce very much. Who doesn't know , I like sour ?!  Lol ......
The fish is very fresh and soft here , make sure mix the gravy to your rice. The price for the fish is base on small or big , but the different is slight only. Is around RM22-24.  Very reasonable price!
Besides that you can order sides dishes like tau fu or vegetables.
I always order oysters sauce lettuce. My favorite home cook vegetable always!
Is located at corner lot of a single storey terrace house.
Business hour only evening til night. 

60, Persiaran Pulau Pinang,
Off Jalan Meru,
41150 Klang,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last weekend I had a photo shooting session with my cousin Amanda. Guess how old is she? She is only 14year old , her interest is photography so her dad bought her a basic DSLR camera for her to learn and get experience first. She asked me to be her model , and I love being photograph. So I'm thinking , why not let both of us a try. So this is the result of that day photo shooting.
Love the pictures so much , because it show the happy side of me.
Little girl with her huge bear , wondering around the park.
Of course , the picture wont be as professional as those photographer out there , but at least she is dare to try and this is first time shooting outdoor with a model. Normally she just shoot butterfly or flowers. Not bad for a 14year old girl , right?

Give a big CLAP to her !!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The CREW annual trip to Cameron!

Okay , I have to admit this is a very old post. Its been 2 months , and I dint realize I haven't blog about it.  Okay , my bad  !
End of June , we had a annual trip to Cameron with the all the crew member. Company trip in short. Everyone decided to go to Cameron because we can rent a big bungalow and spend time together. The objectives for company annual trip are our executives can escape for a while from the busy and stressful environment while working. In this trip everyone can relax their body and mind and in the same time can spend a good quality time together. It also can strengthen a good relationship together. Happy worker can contribute more for the company , is a good thing right?
So we did lots of research , and this is the only Bungalow we manage to booked. 
Is a bit run down , but trust me. This is the only bungalow that are avaiable. The rest are mostly private or only for their own company member. Some are even only for Singaporeans! 
One thing I love about staying on the hill top bungalow is because of the peaceful view.
Waking up early in the morning , walk towards the garden and breath the fresh air , sit on the bench and enjoy the cold weather. Amazing !

After breakfast , 
Next is the day trip to the tea factory and also cactus , strawberry and flowers.
Beautiful colorful cactus !
Strawberries , are my favorite !!!

We also went to The Smokehouse , for some pictures session. Here you will find the most famous building in Cameron. Standing alongside the golf course is The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant. This English Tudor style Hotel built in 1937 provides you with the ultimate in colonial ambience.
and of course we couldn't miss out the BBQ session at night and also the steamboat dinner the next day. Everything was perfectly planned , everyone enjoyed their trip. Some prefer to enjoy the weather and laze around. While for the boys they enjoy drinking and gambling and for me , I enjoy the food of course!

 The BBQ lamb is making my saliva dripping now ,
owhhh i miss that !

Monday, August 6, 2012


It started with friendship, ended with hate , but stars wanted for me, a different fate,
We met again, fell in love, recreated the glory. For every true lover, such is the love story! 
 You made me laugh, You made me cry. Falling in your love, was worth a try, 
The little moments that I spend with you, Make my life beautiful, day by day . . .
and until today I'm still falling in love with you deeply !
Silently, in my heart, I wanna thank God, for bringing such a wonderful person my way!!
I don't want a perfect person , I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well & loves being with me more than anything.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just-the-Girls trip to Singapore!

16 - 18 July 2012
The "girls" ONLY trip to Singapore with my beloved mummy & Bestie. All fun , no stress and most importantly no boys. Thats what a girls getaway is all about (sorry boys)! With that in mind , we plan for best recommendation. Marina bay sands hotel is the best but the price is too much. So we decided to go Intercontinental Singapore , located at Middle road. I love that place very much because of their heavenly bed , and also its very convenient to travel about. Just by walking we can go to many places already.
 Shopping time !
walking walking non-stop !
at Marina Bay Sands ,Singapore largest luxury shopping malls. Boasting over 800000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, is Singapore' s first large-scale luxury shopping destination.
Satisfy any shopping obsession!
Our high tea venue for today !
at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge ,  Marina Bay Sands.
The brunch set consists of juice, a choice of brunch main, a choice of tea, scones (or muffins), plus a choice of dessert.
 First time here so we choose TWG Tea’s renowned signature tea, 1837 Black is a unique blend of black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel. A timeless classic.
 Salmon sandwich.
First time to TWG and I would say their service was good and the atmosphere is lovely for high tea.The only thing I could say is the Tea menu , really making me faint! They have hundreds of tea to choose , and I have totally no idea what is it all about. By reading the tea's name , could take you easily up to 15minutes. Imagine that!
So that is all about the trip. We spend most of our time at shopping but sadly I bought nothing much this trip. Was kinda disappointing too. But its okay , quality time with my Bestie & mummy worth everything! and also the bed , I have a very sweet dream !

I spent this past weekend in Singapore with 2 of my favorite girls and had a wonderful, 
fun, and relaxing time. We shared smiles. We wiped d tears and through years,
 our friendship grown with us.