Wednesday, September 19, 2012

許留山 Hui Lau Shan , Times square.

Previous post when I go to Hong Kong , I did blog about an unknow dessert shop? 
 Now I finally know what is it called , is許留山 Hui Lau Shan.
The famous HK Dessert chain Hui Lau Shan are in town to serves mango lovers in town. Hui Lau Shan is one of the award winning desserts in Hong Kong. I agreed because I accidentally bump into this shop while I was at Hong Kong and it taste very good. We went in for a rest and a drink but ended up with lots of portion of their yummy mango !!!
Hui Lau Shan (HLS), the famous Hong Kong desserts chain, has invested RM10 million in Malaysia, said its chief . Hui Lau Shan had finally make their stop in Malaysia with having the first branch in 1 Utama, and now Hui Lau Shan can be found in many major malls in Klang Valley like The Mines, Pavilion and more. Their latest outlet is in Gurney Plaza in Penang. I've been dying to have a try !!!
We stopped by Times square to have a try but . . . .
Everything is very disappointing. The pudding is nice but the mango sago is not. They dont have some other things too , such as the "roti-canai" . Next is the mochi , they are suppose to be mango paste and mango cubes inside , but all I had is sour mango taste and no mango cubes inside. I dont understand why still so many people in Malaysia crazy over it!  Dont you guys feel there is no mango taste?  

Is really big different compared the one I had in Hong Kong.
If you all are visiting Hong Kong , do drop by their outlet and try. I bet you agreed with me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ladies dinner night @ The Hill , Damansara Heights.

 This was planned long ago , finally we got time for each other on the 13September2012. That is last Thursday. It was with tremendous excitement night with both of my beloved. The Hill is a bar and dining outlet situated in a converted bungalow built on a slope. On the evening that we reached, it was kinda empty , lucky we were there early because we dint made any reservation. Later on , the place were fully booked. The "Hills" is a bistro-cafe-restaurant located off Lorong Dungun in Damansara Heights. Been heard of this place a year ago but never planned to pay a visit. Finally we planned for a LADIES DINNER NIGHT OUT , so we choose this place for our cozy dinner.
 The Hill  23, Lorong Dungun Damansara Height (along the same row as Jarrod & Rawlins, behind Menara HP)  This alfresco watering hole boasts a chilled-out setting, creatively presented cocktails and convivial service. Customers must climb a stairway to reach the outlet.
Menu comprised of hearty western grub and evergreen favorites like scrumptious steaks, freshly ground burger patties, tantalizing appetizers and desserts as well as a full range of Japanese fare from Sushi and Sashimi to Udon and Teppanyaki.
   Watermelon Slush (RM40) smirnoff vodka, midori, lychee liqueur, watermelon.
Deep Fried Salted Egg Calamari (RM14) , kinda disappointed with this.
A taste of Spain , the platter.
Marinara. with prawns, squids, clams, mussels in a tomato based herb sauce (fettuccini) 
The Green Monster (RM28) Juicy lamb patty fried onion rings with homemade special mint sauce. 
Love this so much!
Ladies at THE HILL!  Enjoying the night with warm , rustic and cozy ambiance.
and for the dessert we ordered , Pavlova (RM13)
I SIMPLY LOVE IT. The bottom biscuit simply melts, MELTS in my mouth.
and also last but not least my favorite chocolate brownie with chocolate fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Brownie is very tasteful. Lightly sweetened and crispy! Its so yummmmy ~
Pictures time with my Bestie of course. Sinful dinner night ,we chilled a little, mingled a lot and then only we realise we were there for almost 4hours. What a enjoyable night with both of my beloved.
Oh ya, limited parking for the place, you gonna park down and walk up or else reach there early and leave your car to the jockey. For chilling and drinking, plus the environment, the service and everything, I'd give 9/10. I would say better than Marini 57 , because the food is better here and you don't have to spend so much.
Gonna end the post , with a very awkward smile of mine.

Outfit of the day , jumpsuit from Bangkok. 
Chanel belt , DKNY watch and Tiffany & co necklace.
Charles & Keith heels and clutch.

See ya !!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

BKK with boyfie & his family , END!

Happy Blogging continue with my last day in Bangkok,  my BKK sweet escape with boyfie and his family! If you're interested to the previous post, head over here :

I love traveling because it broadens my horizons and helps me understand people and their cultures better. The world can be so small minded and “set in its ways”. When we travel we begin to realize there is more than one way to live life and be happy. I think it opens us up to accept people and their “differences”.
Okay so this is the last post for the Bangkok trip. A picture with everyone at the Suvarnabhumi airport.
Suvarnabhumi International Airport is a grand vision of modern air travel, with its sophisticated design and facilities. I would say much bigger and better than KLIA.
Crazy picture with him before we leaving. I love taking my camera wherever I go, and I try and take as many pictures as I can, so that I can reminisce. Boyfie enjoy the trip much more than I do. Is his first time to Bangkok. A country that I been keep saying non stop about how much I love their food and shopping there. He's been dying to go. Finally his wish came true. Shopping like MAD man there.
Brownie is here in the plane looking very tired and sunny too.

Monday, September 10, 2012

BKK with boyfie & his family , Day 4.

Hello everybody , did you have a good day?
Anyway if you want to know more about my up-to-date personal life, do follow me on my Twitter and Instagram at @crystalove90. Unless you don't mind waiting for my overdue blog post. Haha . .  
Our very first shopping began at Central World. If you wanna know where my BabyYellow get so many clothes to put on , the only place I can find is Central World. There's a shop name , Teddy House which selling all kind of bear clothes and accessories and the best part is they have many sizes.
 One more thing I love to go Central world , is to visit their Playboy lingerie store. IS A MUST VISIT , if ou like Playboy because Malaysia don't have. Bought myself a corset bustier , love it so much!

Next is MBK Mall for some gadgets and iPhone covers and some other accessories , because they have 1 floor specially just selling all those hand phone case and stuff. We also had our lunch at MBK before we leave to the next mall. Had my favorite Teppan again! Before we call it a day, left to Platinum Mall, no picture because everyone was too busy for clothes hunting! We even got ourself an luggage just to keep all our stuff that we bought! Crazy Shopping!!!
Bought this two cute little iPhone pluggy at MBK for myself and Bestie. sooo Cute!!
This is the day two shopping day at the Naraya shop.
Look at the amount they bought , really freak me out. Not only them , every other girls in the shop goes crazy except me. Why? because I'm not really into this. I just bought few for souvenir only because is really DAMN CHEAP! I heard they say , they have one outlet in Malaysia and their bags is selling like RM100 above. As a needlecraft shop always packed with shoppers, I feel Naraya is a must to be mentioned for shopping in Bangkok.
So this is how our shopping day end up. A bed full of his thing and mine. I dint bought much , because this is like my 5th or 6th trip to Bangkok and every year I will shop allot there.
But is a really Crazy Shopping for him this time !!! 

is the end of the day , we ended up all in foot reflexology for an hour, lol ~ 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

BKK with boyfie & his family , Day 3.

It's day 3 at Bangkok with my LOVE !
So we have 5 days here and we got nothing much in mind , where to go and what to do. Temple visiting and other tourist attraction we also did it on day1 and day2 so the taxi guy suggest us to go the Safari World. Safari World is a zoo in Bangkok, Thailand that consists of two parks named Safari Park and Marine Park, operated by Safari World Public Company Limited. Again the journey from the city to here is approximately 1hour. Nothing much to blog about because I went Australia marine park , is much much more better than this. Till then, pictures will do the talking, enjoy!
Little cute girls , in their uniform , holding each other hand. So cute!
 The moment you step in , you will be greet by lots and lots of parrots!
Visit Safari world , basically is all about seeing and watching those animal shows. So here we are under the hot sun , watching our first show. The Orang-Utan show.
Orang-Utan in BIKINIS , lol ~
I am the Champion !
This is cute , see you again !
Sea-lion performance is all about seeing them how they balance those ball and jump around. 
Have you ever see , sea-lion with a superman swimming and balancing? DAMN they are GOOD!

Watching this just making me very nervous and worried the elephant will fall. 
Is not a baby elephant , is an adult!
Have you ever see an elephant can draw?! It just amazed me , and their drawing is selling for 500bath each! A BIG CLAP TO THEM!
Thats all for the day at Safari World , we spent about 4hour there and after our lunch we decided to leave , because we wanna get in time to the Grand Palace. Don't miss it if you have kids alongside with you during your Bangkok trip! because they have many activities there that wont keep you and children bored.