Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Celine is 2months old!

My sweet, precious, and adorable little girl is TWO MONTHS old!

This is a simple photo shoot I done it by myself to keep record of her in an album. I have came to love you more and more each day and definitely will love you even more as each day passes. Even though you are a kinda fussy baby , I love you no matter what. Even I know when you turn into teenage , you will give me allot of headaches but I will still love you and teach you to be a better person. I guess this is what we call mothers love. I never understand it until I experience it myself. 
I'm 4.7kg and 57cm today.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Celine full moon

Yiipp yipp huraaayyy , finally end of my confinement period and also its Celine full moon.
Apologies that I have neglected my blogs and my dear readers, but it’s not without a good reason. As many of you have known, I recently gave birth to my daughter and have since been “sentenced” to a month-long Chinese birth confinement. Confinement period been really suck to me , I don't understand how people can enjoy through it. Most of all I cant touch water for the whole month , I couldn't imagine how I go through it. For the Chinese, it’s usually a period of 1 month where the mother has to rest and follow a set of rules (sometimes bordering along ridiculous and crazy). They believe that giving birth causes the body to go into “cold” mode so the mother is being fed food that is known as “hot” or “heaty” to “replenish the loss nutrients”. Seriously, I wonder how do some women endure being wrapped up head to toe in clothing, and avoiding the fan and air-con while not showering for 1 month. OMG , I seriously feel myself so dirty and flighty. Everyone said its okay , cause we can enjoy all the good food during confinement period but I seriously don't take ginger in my whole life and now I have to force my self to eat. Besides this I also never eat pig stomach , pig liver ,oyster or whatever intestine. I find it really disgusting!!! You are also not allowed to drink plain water at all.  Many are told of horror stories about water retention due to drinking plain water. But did you know that water retention is usually caused by not drinking sufficient water? Another thing women are not supposed to read anything not books, newspapers, magazines, Facebook or the computer screen. The Chinese Traditional Medicine reason is that a woman’s liver energy is weak after childbirth the eyes and the liver are linked so one’s eyesight is also weak at this time. I decided to break this rule! There is no way I would be able to get through confinement without access to the computer. Crying also affects your eyes that are weakened after childbirth. It might sound like a kind of house arrest. But every year tens of millions of Chinese women submit to this willingly. I'm not a traditional Chinese person , to follow all the rules. Some I find it really ridiculous , but really sometime we don't have a choice. I personally feel that everything should be done in moderation and since confinement rules were passed down from generations from CHINA. Most of it won’t apply to modern day mommies.

Anyway I'm all over it now, couldn't be any happier than that.

Thanks for all the gift below. Thank you to our Family and Friends, for celebrating the joy of our newborn, Supporting us and sharing the love. Every gift from u all is a wish for our happiness. We sincerely THANKED YOU for all the generous gift and red packets you have given.