Thursday, June 15, 2017

Food Journey @ Myeongdong, Seoul

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Simple post to share my food venture while I'm at Korea last week. 
First of all Myeondong Kyoja. This is a very popular place to eat in Myeondong. Their dumplings are good. Their hand cut noodles are delicious too. The most interesting and impressive is how fast the food being serve. Our food is serve in less than a minute and it taste good & hot too. The menu is simple , is either noodle or dumplings. 
Dessert time 
Some snacks around Myeondgon street , serving cheese baked lobster. 
Dakgalbi is one of my favourite. I always have this in Malaysia as well. So we tried this famous one located at Myeongdong. Nothing much to shout out. I feel is almost same like the one I had in Mr.Dakgaldi or Uncle Jang. 
I'ts night time , time to have some beer.
Street food again , TOPPOKI
I love Korea sooooooo much!

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