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4D3N 胡志明市和Vũng Tàu之旅

4D3N胡志明市和Vũng Tàu之旅 

.Travel Period : 
5th May – 8th May 2017 

 很多人都说越南的治安不好,但并不是想象中那么的可怕。越南和马来西亚差不多, 夜晚别一个人走在街上, 走路别按电话, 拿好包包, 不然会遇上那些骑摩托车的小偷有机可乘. 

交通在HCMC几乎去哪里都是Uber / GRAB。
比从从市区到机场才VDN100k = RM19

Additional (额外) :
在机场购买Simcard VND160k 
(Mobifone unlimited data for 10 days/ RM30) 
注意 : Hot Spot 不能 Share

Day 1 :
Tan Son Nhat International Airport taxi to Vung Tau , Vietnam. 从城市到 Vung tau 是2小时车程 (90km)
Check in – Alma Oasis Long Hai (Hotel room are inclusive of 60min SPA)
我们在酒店附近的便利店购买Saigon啤酒才 VDN10k = RM1.90 和买 Hanoi色酒一瓶才 VDN100k = RM19

Day 2 :
 Check in!非常有艺术和舒适的名宿
还有Apple TV , Netflix & 大喇叭. 超级享受!
Tân Định Church (粉红色教堂) + Saigon Opera House + Runam café @ Saigon center + Saigon central market (夜市 , 第一次吃鳄鱼肉Crocodile meat) 
回家享受我们的游戏. 我们在名宿对面的便利店购买Saigon啤酒一支才 VDN15k = RM2.80
Tân Định Church (粉红色教堂)
taste like tender chicken meat

Day 3 :
Secret garden restaurant (传统越南美食) + Partea @ The Café Apartment + The Melee @ The café Apartment + Cơm niêu Sài Gòn (著名丢米饭) + Air 360 Sky Lounge + Ben Thanh Market (槟城市场)
此外HCMC最出名的莫过于粉红教堂和九层楼的咖啡公寓(The Cafe Apartment)。记得走旁边的楼梯上下楼就行了 不然搭电梯的话一个人需要付 VDN3k = RM0.60。

Had a good lunch in that place.Food was good and they also have some small clay pots. Place is full of tourist but food is still authentic and good. Price is still fair.

Had a cute high tea here at Partea @ The Café Apartment

The Melee @ The café Apartment 

Cơm niêu Sài Gòn (著名丢米饭) 
This place puts on an amazing demonstration of breaking a clay pot and throwing the cooked contents across the room! However we found the quality of the food wanting. 
Air 360 Sky Lounge
Happy hour before 9pm VND69k dong for red, white or sparkling wine, Great view .

Day 4 :
Bánh mì sandwich , Cà Phê Dá - Vietnamese coffee超强和浓的咖啡味. ( 1杯咖啡 VND15k = RM2.80 ) for breakfast & back to Malaysia.
Bánh mì sandwich
Cà Phê Dá - Vietnamese coffee超强和浓的咖啡味
 Advice (建议) :
- If you have many pax going, it's best to tryout Airbnb for accommodation 
- Install GRAB CAR or Uber app convenient with no hassle. It's everywhere. They got GRAB BIKE too if you travel solo. (UBER比GRAB便宜)

- Ho Chi Minh just practically walk around it's very close to everywhere. Using Google Map will help.

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